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Website Name: Major World Events

URL: http://majorworldevents.com/

Company Name: Pleochroic Media Labs LLP

Company Address:

Shop No 2, DDA Shopping Center Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110049

About Company:

Pleochroic Media Labs LLP is a company that creates and manages digital assets like blogs, apps, games etc. All our activities are governed by the basic principles of Innovation and continuous improvement. We aim to improve the digital ecosystem around us and create value for all our Users, through persistence and concrete determination.

About Website:

This website was started with the intention to provide its users the knowledge and information regarding impactful world events. We aim to provide value to our users by informing them of impactful events, that may take place anywhere across the globe so that our users can use this information to their advantage, in whatever way possible.

Contact us: pleochroicmedialabs@gmail.com