HOW WILL INDIA DEAL WITH AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan and India relationship now


HOW WILL INDIA DEAL WITH AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan and India relationship now

The Taliban called on Afghanistan’s imams to urge unity when they hold their first Friday prayers since the Islamist The group took control of the country as protests against the takeover spread to other cities on Thursday, including the capital Kabul. One eyewitness said that Taliban fighters opened fire on crowds in eastern Assadabad, killing several people. Other eyewitnesses reported that the shooting occurred near a rally in Kabul, but the Taliban appeared to have fired from the air.

On Thursday, the Taliban celebrated Afghanistan’s Independence Day, declaring it had beaten “the arrogant of power of the world” in the United States. Afghanistan’s Independence Day commemorates the 1919 treaty which ended British rule in the central Asian nation,

AFP news agency reported that the Taliban conducted visits and searches to track enemies who have assisted US and NATO forces in the past, especially those who have assisted US and NATO forces in the past, citing classified documents from UN threat assessors. According to a report from the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, fighters also control people heading for Kabul airport.

On Thursday, the Taliban celebrated Afghanistan’s Independence Day and announced that they had defeated an “arrogant world power” in the United States. Afghanistan’s Independence Day marks the signing of the 1919 treaty that ended British rule in a Central Asian country.

As protests spread to Kabul, the Taliban actually urged unity ahead of Friday prayers, calling on imams to essentially persuade people not to for the most part leave the country; Over 18,000 people evacuated from Kabul airport since Sunday, essentially says NATO official; Joe Biden to speak on evacuation efforts today; Germany definitely says evacuated 1,600 people this week from Kabul; kind of Norwegian evacuation plane lands in 
, which basically is fair.

clarity on what future will actually unfold next, which is quite significant. It’s been five days since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. People for all intents and purposes are trying to flee the country as they underline the challenge the Taliban face in governing in a big way. Civilians in for all intents and purposes several regions generally are taking the street to basically oppose the Taliban takeover, or so they essentially thought. After Khost and Jalalabad, Nangarhar also saw similar scenes of dissent with locals opposing the Taliban flags, which is fairly significant. Kabul really has been largely calm, but as many as 12 people kind of have been killed in and around the airport, according to Reuters. More than 5,200 American troops are guarding the Kabul airport to literally ensure security and basically smooth evacuation operation of diplomats

As protests spread in Kabul, the Taliban called for unity ahead of Friday prayers and called on imams to convince people not to leave . After the capture of Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban wanted peace and will not take revenge on their longtime enemies and will respect the rights of women in accordance with Islamic .

According to reports, as many as 18,000 people have people moved out of Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover, which really is quite significant. Meanwhile, NATO for all intents and purposes pledged to mostly intensify evacuation efforts as it faced severe criticism over its handling of the crisis in a big way. The US alone evacuated 7,000 people from Afghanistan since the start of evacuation operations on August 14 in a kind of major way. However, crowds basically continued to throng outside the Kabul airport, desperate to flee, Reuters reported quoting a NATO fairly official. U.S in a subtle way. President Joe Biden will basically give remarks on Friday at 1 p.m, or so they specifically thought.

The Vatican newspaper called on the international community to welcome peaceful Afghans fleeing the Taliban, expressing disbelief that “no one thought about such a predictable scenario before they decided to leave Afghanistan and did nothing to avoid.” Deputy editor-in-chief Gaetano Valini said in a front page article for L’Osservatore Romano on Friday that concrete steps must be taken to welcome refugees to improve the situation and avoid a “humanitarian catastrophe.” This comment was an unusually harsh criticism of the United States. But Washington did not mention this. Shocked by the chaos caused by the US-led withdrawal of Western forces, Gallini wrote.

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