All About Afganistan-Taliban Crisis

as we know that there is a lot of disturbance and many promises are going in Afganistan because the US military has killed a planner for the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group has drawn strike in the east of this country so the suspected member of the eskay group was targeted in sangraha provides kay said it had carried out an attack outside Kabul airport on Thursday that might have killed more than 170 people and they were also 13 US troops in this people
dimag airlift was being under the way at the airport since the Taliban militants overrun the capital during this month from last 2 weeks more than 1 lakh people trust to be evacuated because there was a deadline set by the US and also its forces to vacate Afghanistan which was expiring on Tuesday
another important news for this attack was president job done promised on Friday that he will n force his military force 200 on the hardest who washing Thursday’s suicide bombing
there are also various sources of news channels and various communication sources that tell other countries about the most extreme and violent things going on by the jihadists militants group in Afghanistan
the US has drawn strike in the first report in Afghanistan since the Thursday blast another report it was stated that captain bill urban of Central command has announced that the unmanned airstrike that occurred in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan will be an initial indication that 8v killed the target states that we know of no civilian casualties he described it as an over the horizon counter-terrorism operation later the ribbon was drawn which was launched from the Middle East and struck the all militants and other people while they were in cars and with another highest members these jihadis kill them both and official told in the news agency most of the IAS case several thousand extremists are said to be hiding in the province which is in the east of Kabul
it is sad to know that the blast which took place on Thursday outside the Kabul airport was crowded by many men women and children there were lots of Afghans who were trying to vacate the country because they will be killed devar all believed to be e feared by the Afghani militants because they knew that they will be killed by them and including with all those people they were also to British nationals and the child of the British nationals where are among them when this blast took place and there are also some death
for this incident, Mr. Biden stated in the news channel on Friday that we will not forgive and we will not forget and we will hunt you down and make you pay
because they were many innocent people who were killed by this bomb blast and it is said that there will be another attack in Kabul which is likely to be e in this coming days
people who are still trying their best to vacate Kabul there are maybe still 5000 US troops which are still station at Kabul airport and there are also processing people desperately to leave this place they are providing Swift passage to every foreigner to leave Afghanistan in the next two days
as the news reported all over the world that Taleban officials have taken control over the parts of the airport and but US says its forces are still in charge of this place but still it is not over yet because even if very fewer people are remaining in Kabul as a British and US people the Kabul has wrapped up soon at the airport and it might take over all the places in just matter of US and it is very difficult to vacate from this place because most of the countries have now and their emergency flights to this place after the bombing France and the revocation effort on Friday because there is no security at the airport and many American officials have also issued some of the new warnings to US citizens to stay away from the airport’s gates in case there may be a further attack occurs

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