all about the Pongal Lakshmi festival

Pongal is one of the most popular and large celebrations which takes place all over India and it is also celebrated in one of the best festivals and mostly it is celebrated on multi-day harvest festival of Tamil Nadu this festival has a lot of values and importance people celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and with great interest especially the people in southern parts of India celebrate this festival as a grand celebration and this festival Pongal includes lots of good food and family time this festival is specially celebrated for three days and on this day they make food that food is known as Bhogi Pongal Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal this festival corresponds with the time of harvest festival Falls at the time of harvest like Makar Sankranti which is also celebrated throughout India this year the Pongal was celebrated on January 14, 2021, this festival has a great history and there is more significance for celebrating Pongal festival
Pongal is one of the most popular festivals celebrated across India it is mostly celebrated at the beginning of time month according to Tamilnadu solar calendar with generally falls on 14th of January this festival has a very historical background which means to buy aloe vera for overflow this means it refers to the dish that is prepared as a tradition on this day because this dish has a new harvest of rice milk and jaggery and they make this dish and first they offer to the gods and goddesses then they offer this food for the cows and then later it will be served for the family members
during this festival celebration, people decorate their cows and their homes they decorate with garlands and with colorful sand and they also do the column artworks made with rice powder along with banana leaves during this festival all the people especially, especially Hindus, the gods and they offer food for the temples and families they also make use get together with family and friends and exchange gifts and they have their milk and dispense this beautiful time with other members together
there are many things written about Pongal in where is inscriptions like in ViraRaghava temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as we read this encryption it talks about king Kullu Tunga 1st during his period there was a piece of land that was granted by him to the temple for celebrating Pongal every year this was the first mention scripture about the Pongal dish on that particular era
during this festival, Pongal is been celebrated for 5 days the first day of Pongal they mark this day with the people to get rid of their old position and celebrate new things during this festival all the people clean their homes and paint they also offer prayer to the lord Indira for hoping and thanking him to give rain in the coming year
Pongal has great significance and gradual heating on earth by the sun
Pongal is celebrated by making traditional designs known as columns in their homes with rice powder this powder is available in white as well as in various other colors there draw this column to welcome the goddess Lakshmi which is believed to be the goddess to bring wealth prosperity and happiness into the household and there are also various types of dishes prepared on this festival using rice and jaggery and lentils they believe that this is a holy month and many prefer to get married also on the month of Pongal the first day of this festival is only dedicated to God Indra and use bonfire is lit and kept burning throughout the night they also offer their prepared food for lord and bhogi kudus or buffalo skin drums ka began as people reveal in traditional flocks songs and dances
the second day they celebrate as it is dedicated to the sun God and special harvest dish made of rice and jaggery turmeric and lentils is made and brought to boil till it spills over in mud pots this special dish with sugar cane sticks is called sakkarai Pongal
the third day of the festival is To hona and show gratitude to the catalyst ok they celebrate the third day for cactus they make colorful garlands and bells and tie around the necks of cows and they also perform some rituals one of the important things is they make a cattle race jallikattu which takes place on this day

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