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Anupama is a great serial going on and it is trending it is a story of a woman who is struggling to become something in her life do something in her life work and make other women also stand on their own feet. Anuj is Anupama classmate used to like her in her college days and still in love with her but he never want to tell him that he love her was still loves her it is his heart and he never wants her.

to know about this approves for the the proposal of Anupama of creating a restaurant in giving job for the homemakers the leaders have not been out for work the ladies in their home never stepped out of their home so Anupama explains that this will be very important for those women who wants to be something in the life they want to do something the life so Anuj gets interest with their and he chooses her proposal and make her his partner business when he he give the contract paper to the Anupama

Her family members forces her not to sign and not to do any kind of work with an arch but Anupama science a contract agreed to work with Anuj and the next thing was going to the Anuj office so when Anupama goes to the office and it seems to be very excited meeting her and explaining her that if she agrees to the proposal it will be great and this proposal which he was approved was not because he was his friend it was because anupama’s Idea was very good and creative and something very different

but he thinks that she might have rejected the contract but when Anupama says yes for the partnership and gets excited and then they would plan to go to the plot and see there work the next comes the Ganesh Chaturthi festival so Anuj plants that anupama’s family to join with the festival he invite his her family to his home and everyone agrees to come to his place and they will celebrate the Puja and Anuj gets the call and it says that Anuj Anupama will lead to go to Mumbai

the next for one day for which anupama’s mother-in-law is not interested and she tells and women not to go even anupama’s ex husband and her son stills strictly and store Anupama that she will not be going to Mumbai but she will not listen to anyone and shall say I’ll be going because it is my work

I have to do my work and she leaves the place and she goes to her room where she is excited to sit in the plane before this will be the first time in her life to sit in a plane she wanted to sit in a plane from soul on it was a dream she says to his son that she is very excited it was a dream to see the ocean Mumbai and sitting in aeroplane.

In the latest episodes we can see that the episode start with Anupama who is praying to God to give everything alright and why she is on the trip and made taking the elders blessing why shoes leaving the house Kavya town Sir but Anu gives a befitting reply and leaves from their which shocks everyone then Kinjal and some were dropped Anu

till the auto rickshaw and they say her goodbye my lover is very excited and talks about the of being on the plane for the first time please so excited for that and then made by Anuj uska breakdown in the middle and he runs to reach their effort and time then Anupama season is on the road and stops near him while he jokes with unlimited

Sar is its interaction with her while she excitel inform him that she will be an option for the first time later when summer in forms of the family about Anupama that she have reached the airport India’s everyone what would be Anu thinking and then to the one Raj get the correct answer it create an awkward atmosphere as he leaves from there then meanwhile Anuj and she sit on the plane she looks very excited very thrill in sitting in the aeroplane and so excited. When she gold inside the airport or she looks so excited she keeps noticing it in everything she is happy to see you on her tickets.

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