Apart From India, 5 Other Countries Celebrate Independence Day On 15th August

As India prepares to celebrate its 75th Independence Day on August 15, National Day reminds all citizens of the sacrifices made by our independence fighters. The long struggle for freedom resulted in many casualties, after which India became independent from 200 years of British rule. On August 15, 1947, the British colonialists left India for good, but divided India into two independent states: India and Pakistan. Besides India, there are 5 more countries that celebrate independence on August 15th.In addition to India, Bahrain, North Korea, South Korea and Liechtenstein are also celebrated on 15 August. Bahrain, which survived British colonial rule, declared independence on August 15, 1971, more than 20 years after India gained independence.

This holiday, which has been a national holiday in Liechtenstein since 1940, also includes the traditional fireworks display on the same day at 22:00 CET. August 15, 1990 was officially declared a day off for two reasons. The first was already a public holiday, and the second was the birthday of the reigning Prince Franz Jose II on August 16, 1940. This tradition continued after his death in 1989
This quiet European country, the sixth largest in the world, gained independence from German rule on that day in 1866. Every year this day is celebrated with dignity and honor throughout the country.Both countries celebrate this day as Liberation Day. This day marked the end of Japanese colonial rule on the Korean Peninsula. II.With the onset of the Cold War, the armed forces of the Soviet Union and the United States were deployed on the Korean Peninsula, and the territory was divided into two countries: North and South Korea. The two Koreas established independent governments in 1948. North and South Korea celebrate Liberation Day on the same day every year.
Thousands of Liechtenstein residents took part in the grand celebration, after which a state ceremony was held in the garden in front of Vaduz Castle, with speeches from the prince and speakers. Since the garden is open to the public only on this day, residents are invited to a reception in the palace gardens.Liechtenstein, a European country with no airports or military, lies between Austria and Switzerland. The ruins of the ancient Roman Empire make it one of the smallest countries in the world.

Bahrain gained independence from British rule on August 15, 1971, and was one of the first Gulf countries to discover oil and build refineries in 1931. The British and Ottoman governments signed a treaty recognizing the country’s independence in 1913, but it was still under control. English. In 1971 Bahrain declared independence and signed a Friendship Treaty with Great Britain. It is known that the actual Independence Day is August 14, but in Korea August 15 is declared Independence Day.
Bahrain was liberated from British rule. According to a UN poll, the country has actually declared independence. In line with this statement, Bahrain and the United Kingdom have signed a Friendship Treaty. Although Bahrain became fully independent on 14 August, Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August.Today Bahrain is a popular destination for travel enthusiasts, and its main attraction is the capital, Manama. Attractions include Manama Souk, Muharraq Island pearl fishing, Bahrain National Museum and Bahrain Fortress.

The Republic of the Congo, also known as the “National Day of the Congo”, gained complete independence from France in 1960, exactly 80 years after it fell under . From 1969 to 1992, it was a Marxist-Leninist country, and since 1992, multi-party elections have been held here.

South and North Korea call this day Liberation Day, and it is known as Liberation Day (Liberation Day), which marks the day of independence from Japan for 35 years . On that day, the Empire of Japan surrendered in World War II, and three years later Korea was divided into the Soviet-backed North and the American-backed South.The two Koreas celebrate August 15 as Liberation Day. In fact, this is the only joint event held by rival countries.Korea today is a dynamic and diverse country where tradition and technology coexist. The country has luxurious skyscrapers that offer many tourist attractions as well as ancient temples. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, attracts people with its modern architecture, party atmosphere, beautiful gardens and pop culture. There are also beautiful palaces, stylish restaurants and stylish boutiques.

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