Bade Acche Lagte Hain serial

Story line of Bade Acche Lagte Hain:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain the serial of 2 personalities who are the complete opposite from each other get married and later falls in love with each other. The story is about Priya Sood who is 32 or she comes from a middle-class family and she lives with her mother and her elder sister Sarangi and younger sister Sandhya and cousin brother Akshay her father has abandoned her family for hiring a daughter’s in what sense so previous experience letter for younger sister my three describe them dating for 4 years then she believes.

in Bade Acche Lagte Hain show, Now comes about Ram Kapoor is a business tycoon who is well established in well-reputed businessman he lives with his stepmom and he has said step-siblings shivina and Shubham. For about six years he was dating Vedika but now she was married to Shashi after since then Ram has put his entire focus into work and family.

In Bade Acche Lagte Hain Priya in rams lives takes a turn when they Discover that Akshay and Shivina aur having an affair despite that she denies been engaged to Shashi’s younger brother Sid So she refuses to marry a priyas marriage so ram then decides to find a suitable appliance for her and however Priya misunderstands his intentions which Leads for his fight between them so when the new realising that there is a possibility that she was pregnant

after the latter English easy or positive on a pregnancy test kit social problems of Priya and Anushka marriage proposals to Mera who is Priya mother and then it is revealed that she can I am not bringing all the Akshay still insist on wearing after Priya so Priya informed around she cares about brothers have the resources to meet him in Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

Then Priya agrees to marry Ram because she loves her brother and can do anything for his happiness and same is with from also he also loved her sister all or time can do anything for her even he can marry someone whom he doesn’t love so while the marriage ceremony is going on. During the function everybody comes in our past of Priya that she was in love with his brother in law for four years she is dating him and everybody it turns Priya but then from comes to rescue him

handle the situation very carefully and smoothly and take Priya support and then the engagement continues then later Mr Mahendra where is Priya father he tells everyone that he is excited about his daughter’s marriage and want to be a part of it and he says everyone that he had left his house and his son and come here to celebrate his daughters marriage but it was his plan to sales manager because he was signed by Shashi to destroy this marriage the marriage should not be happening

because his sunstar was in danger he had threatened in recent job will be gone if he marriage happens so he tried everything to and destroy this marriage Ram’s family get annoyed by everything happening in Prayas family so Ram’s mother decides to make a contract and Priya need to sign on the contract is about dad in Hamare didn’t happen well they have to get divorce at some point then there will not be have been any right it on Ram property we cannot take any alimony after divorce

so so you Shubham and her his mother explain to Ram that this contract must be signed from Priya but trans his sad but this and he really didn’t want to show this contract to her but his brother take this contract to previous house and then he tells that her to signed it but Priya refuses at as it is about her self respect but there are saying the situation about his brother she don’t want to make any trouble for the for him so she decides to send the plant Can contract

then she goes to rams house and in front of him she signs the contract then ram feels very bad for her doing this and then the mehndi ceremony begins the next day but even i g is angry on him and she wants Ram to make Priya smile so so gram is planning to make her smile and the mehndi ceremony is going to start but I am his bill not arrived yet all this is going right now in this serial and Bade Acche Lagte Hain is very trending and a very good serial.

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