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Bigg Boss Grand Premier:

Bigg boss is always a trend it has the great celebrities in this home M2 Bigg Boss 15 hosted by Salman Khan it had it’s grand premiere on Saturday and it has welcomed wide range of contestant in the Jungle theme house and the Bigboss Hotel trial that is Shamita Shetty and 2 others had entered the Big Boss 15030 conditions were shown in the Bigg Boss OTP house

and then they ask him to sit in the bathroom and keep watching everyone then we Shastra things to come down and not keep telling what to do and what not to 10 mission Pratik talk in the night and discuss about a friendship with enemy shak uses Pratik of not being there whenever you’re all I wanted him on a dream and you always called a when he wanted to put his heart of but never asked how she was doing enough then they end up getting to know you Manisha say that he Queen photo to take names

and then she walks away from the conversation then later Kumar tell me Shah Pratik is repeating himself when they have a conversation about Pratik and Thomas says that he did the study Aaoge 95 s b beauty house and he is repeating this again and would you like to see anyone only fighting all the time and to this measure as a protective a softer side and he she has known him since the last three years and then Tejasvi and their initial it is Pratik and Misha then says from there is also sing a song full stop then Umar Riaz says that Pratik is very again and again

and he entered the Bigg Boss house only as if he has done some big deal and then Prati go here is a conversation in the files with each other then protect cells talk on my face not behind my back in the normal abuse is to be cannot why is showing unnecessary attitude predictions Umar why should he talked to him

and he likes negative to its about him so then the Big Boss welcomes the three finalists shamisha Shetty and Pratik sehajpal Ishant birth announces that they have special powers and then he said that he will have access to both the houses and will not get nominated to the time they are part of the main house and then Moni open the door and welcome to Bigg Boss hoti

Thi final list Shamita Shetty Pratik sahajpal initially the house and then she gives a warm welcome to all of them and Monalisa house and before when she had such a m and H 33 herself and then don’t Vishal sort of these differences Vishal says he sticks by his was an ad that if he find the entertaining the future

he will come ahead and take her and then as part of the task in bigg boss conducted by Mouni Roy relation Donor land with here are the least favourite of the other countries and their get punished if they are asked to clean the main house in their dual sim themselves as comment that she only cares about looking good and dressing up on the issue under into any work.

So Vishal names 3 contestant home he displays it is known that he won’t sugarcoat and present things and then he names Sahil Shroff Afsana Khan and sandal he says he feels that a Sahil is boring and owners is someone who is only cares about looking good on the screen and does not do anything and his according to him of Sona is self obsessed. Simba say that he finds Jai Bhanushali and attention seeker and the latter gets offended and then here all the contest is there or not have to be seen

then can see that he feels there is an generation gap between humans and backed atoned for Simba is his age and tell him not to eat shame as one day he will also be of his age so many things is going on right now from the day when it started everything in all the drama is been going on in the Big Boss now it’s been trending.

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