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On bigg boss weekend ka vaar Salman Khan teaches Ishaan and Masha about their growing intimacy on the national television and Salman Khan scolded Afsana Khan for her behaviour because this week the contest Bigg Boss house has witnessed many ugly moments between the contestants and their ugly was an aggressive fight among the contestants

so Salman Khan interred the house to teach a good lesson for the contestants and the main target was Afsana Khan because he was very aggressive this week and her aggressive behaviour and abusive words and language and acceptable behaviour with the housemaid she fought with her fellow beings give bad words and then Salman Khan called out Afsana Khan for the body shaming and also age shaming of Shamita Shetty so he said that I will tell you what you have told.

bigg boss
Bigg Boss

So he told whatever she told it to Shamita Shetty he reminded what all words she have told to Shamita and he told that you should decide who is bad and who is good in this Indian Afsana Khan for defending herself saying that he was in danger and she told everything in anger.

then afterwards Salman Khan was in no mood to take the excuse and then if you are angry would say whatever you want whatever comes out of your mouth so start and then Salman Khan as a fan of Urvashi to decide anyone’s character and then to the same as if you are older to me.

but then Salman Khan cut her words in between and then he said no no I am also old and he also told that if he has the power he would throughout of the house right away but he said it’s if it would be by choice I would have thrown out of the house.

So then Afsana had no answers for all days things and Salman Khan also drilled her for getting violent and also it to that her mouth shutters as was as well as youhernds and leg. You speak a lot but you also get violent he told and then the rest of the container started sharing for Salman Khan as hittu on Afsana and

they also said that in an started complaining about now how she has been in the house and then Shamita Shetty and Jay Bhanushali and also the others explain in detail about how she has become toxic to the group and well as an awful completely cornered

then Salman Khan also told that to behave the same way in your own home house taking so heat from D contestant, at last, she broke down in tears.

Salman Khan explained to afsanah that she cannot survive in this industry with this behaviour of her and if you behave in the same way you cannot even sustain for 25 days where you’re telling Tu Shamita that M she is working for 25 years.

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Afsana Khan had also fought with Vishal and she had caused him in and she said that he will die soon. And she told that whatever she says will happen this was continuously going on and she was repeating it continuously.

She was scolded for Internet will and then inform someone but either so they are doing and how to think about how it looked after some time in the future and you also could have for not smoking in the bathroom rather than you need to smoking which is provided and it it is on you that you should do it without nobody noticing.

Bigg Boss house so much of chaos is going on everyone is entertaining from their point of view and so much of thing this week went and but it didn’t look so good because the contestant was so of aggressive with each other fighting so badly for the map they didn’t see anything and they fighting like anything nobody could stop them.

every person was involved, it was a very bad side to see and then with boss hold them all and there they realise that they were wrong and then they apologize to Big Boss but it is yet to come the bill was going to punish them for their behaviour very soon.

Bigg Boss season number one reality show everyone love this show in their huge fan following the show moreover the host Salman Khan is taking this show to another level Salman Khan Twitter no one could handle the situation better than Salman Khan.

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