BTS Boys Trending News

BTS Boys

BTS boys trending all – Twitter BTS Army make sure that they stepped it feels and they are appreciated from all the corners of the world and human he has a source and falling all over the globe and the population the answer is known for his looks and

also his tremendous stage presence and his vocal skills so there is a brand solutions that happens every month for individual for k-pop stars on as well as the members from all band source give me has stopped at the number one spot once again and this is due record for the singer and this is a record in itself.

BTS Boys Trending News
BTS Boys Trending News

Kpop girl that is the BTS boys hold the record for the most viewed music video in 24 hours and the YouTube with Dynamite and it is reaching so million views full stop and also there is more and the world is dominating 7 page with the fastest to reach 1 million followers on Tiktok and

it is also a little over three stars and their name the best selling what is of 2020 and the organisation is represent the Global record in this industry and it is beating musical powerhouses.

Sad videos boys all dressed in some of the best designer brands on the planet for the show present the various boys are globally have become one of the most popular boy bands. Days after that incident happened with Ananya Pandey

who got trolled for comment she had made about the kpop stars band and also Alia Bhatt was created with milk response for her Shout Out for the bank and ball on their number so the butter fans of the band also known as a BTS army and now demanding an apology for an insulting Spanish podcast.

Hindi part cast their five radio Jockeys will seen this per English describing BTS boys as a Chinese Backstreet Boys and also their allies they have been done surgery to look good and like a mixture of patients in the North American so after listening to this the fans were naturally very upset and

very soon the #trend was trending on Twitter for the demand of apology was the trending at Number One India full stop so one of the member of the Twitter Erode that the fact that they are old enough to know what’s right and wrong this is disgusting and there when you need it to say this was with people listening to them so we demand and apologize full stop so another Express images in its always BTS

who suffer from racism that’s why they use their platform with this because they themselves are experiencing it so you need to educate yourself to his brother’s we demand and apologize this trend is been going on Twitter and one more victory tweeted that the fact that their higher is it your house is just ridiculous didn’t even think twice before work lasting in this platform should be used to spread positivity.

Korean boys band it is originally a hip hop group and their musical style has evolved to involve a wide range of gents so there until it’s often focus on personal and social commentary and touch on themes of Mental Health and their troubles of school issues in coming of age laws in the journey towards loving oneself and individualism so there were course of differences literature in psychology cal consequently as an alternative Universe storyline.

Do BTS boys has been estimated to have revitalize the current music in receiving an economy in addition to its International. So that is me now going with nobody lies special hands that I like their favorites to be insulted globally so when they commented on the radio everyone will listening to them and they insulted them this day told that they have done the surgeries for the features to look good so the kinds of this boys were extremely angry and some fans very sad so here in this so they have demanded an apology on the Twitter and and the Twitter is filled with this # become the turn this time the number on trend in the Twitter.


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