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This article talks about covid-19. On the vaccine front nearly 66% of India’s adult population everyone at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine vial 23% has received both the boxes around 63% those have been administered in rural areas around 35% has been administered in urban areas Coronavirus is again Rising in Ladakh it is recovery 554 increase in active covid cases in the last 10 days Number of active cases in Ladakh 3128 in Le and 2 in Kargil with 20148 covid cases active cases on Thursday increase 2164 including 161 inlays and 3 in Kargil India has recorded several cases in the 24 hours.

The countries that till now stand over 4.46 lakh active cases standard 3 like 13.2 8 Pro people have recovered after testing positive out of Kerala recorded the highest number of new cases at and it also counts for over thousands of active cases in the country. The center has also informed the supreme court that it has decided to include death by suicide within 30 days of a person testing positive for the novel coronavirus is a covid death. The Government of India is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we all have prepared well to face the challenges and threats posed by the growing pandemic of covid-19 the coronavirus.

Factors, Causes and syptoms of Covid-19:

The most important factor in preventing the spread of the virus is local to empower the citizen with the right information and taking the precaution as per the advisory being issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. But the number of covid-19 cases is rising again and the number of Death is unimaginable. The government has issued a vaccine the first dose has been completed and the second dose is going on. All these steps and measures are taken to prevent the coronavirus.

But in Kerala and Ladakh, we can see the number of polity cases is increasing and death cases are also increasing it is now believed that when the coronavirus shows positive then it is only 30 days of life after 30 days person will surely die. Karnataka has reported the lowest number of deaths due to covid-19 since the beginning of the second wave. Nipah virus in covid-19 cases in neighboring Kerala are increasing the deputy commissioner of Karnataka Dakshina Kannada district used an advisory and measures to prevent the spread of viruses in the district.

The district magistrate office of Bengaluru had instructed the people of Dakshina Kannada to avoid traveling to Kerala till the end of October except in emergency issues it also for the intra instructions that the concern educational heads of all the college’s school or other institution not to call their staff and students to attend physical classes. The US and India and Brazil have seen the highest number of confirmed cases.

Covid-19 positive have been increasing in most of the places and even the people who have taken the vaccine dose are still finding difficult to find this covid-19 symptoms but however people who have taken all the vaccination that is available vaccine of a stores and second dose will be very helpful for fighting against covid-19 after taking various vaccination in most of the places like states like Kerala Maharashtra and so on there are still people who are found with symptoms of coronavirus

however it is necessary to take the precautions and a person who has taken the vaccines that have been provided by the government will be safe from covid-19 because he may not be that affected by the virus then the person who has not vaccinated himself we have seen many people struggling and trying to come out of it but still we find most of the people are least bother about the epidemic they are free moving to markets and many malls and shopping markets without having any safety precautions to themselves

covid-19 is not caused to the people but it will also spread rapidly for other people who are safe from this virus hence almost all the people need to be very careful when they are going out for any outings like shopping theatre or any other marketplace because covid symptoms are found on most of the people when they are outside even children have to be very secure protected with safety measures

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