Cyclone Nivar, which is expected to land between Karaikal and Mamallapuram on Wednesday, will bring heavy rain to the city and its surroundings.Moving at 14 km / h, the system accelerated on Monday after a late deep depression and is expected to turn into a strong cyclonic storm on Tuesday morning. An IMD spokesman said there was a likelihood of crossing the coast near Puducherry, but online weather watchers said the global model predicted that the global model could hit Chennai . The Chennai Regional Meteorological Center reported that the deep cyclone occurred on Monday at 5:30 pm about 480 km southeast of Chennai.

It is very likely that on the night of November 25, it will be carried away by a strong cyclone to the north-west with wind speeds of 100 and 110 km / h and cross the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry between Karaikal and Mamalapuram. … “Our current model shows that the storm is likely to hit the coast near Puducherry,” said N.Puviarasan, head of the IMD Regional Cyclone Warning Center in Chennai.Chennai and surrounding areas are likely to experience heavy rain or torrential rain over the next 48 hours.

Chennai cyclone conditions

Sea conditions will be very harsh, with waves up to 3-4.8 m high on the coast of Chennai from After several weeks of rain, a thunderstorm struck Chennai on Thursday night.After a clear day, the skyscrapers of the city were covered with dark clouds at about 16:00.And suddenly thunder struck some parts of the city and its surroundings.Heavy rain helped cool the city until nightfall.

In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, it rained heavily Wednesday morning when the powerful cyclone Nivar hit the southeast coast, forcing authorities to declare public holidays, ban public gatherings, close shops and mobilize thousands of rescuers. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said Cyclone Nivar would cross the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts in a “very strong typhoon” late Wednesday.Some areas of Andhra Pradesh were also hit by the cyclone.

The cyclon is expected to hit the coast between Mamallapuram and Karaikal late Wednesday evening with winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour, IMD reported.IMD reported in an early tweet on Wednesday that “120mm of rain was recorded in the Chennai / Mina Bakkam area” from 8:30 Tuesday to 5:30 Wednesday morning.“It is very likely that in the next six hours he will move northwest and then northwest.On the evening of November 25, a very powerful cyclone crossed the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts between Karaikal and Mamalapuram with a wind speed of 120-130 km / h and gusts of up to 145 km / h.

At 10.2 ° N and 82. 0 ° E, it is located about 300 km southeast of Caddalore, about 310 km southeast of Puducherry and 370 km southeast of Chennai.In another tweet, the Korea Meteorological Office said, “If there is a very strong typhoon, it is likely to intensify in the next 12 hours.” “The powerful cyclone NIVAR in the southwest of the Bay of Bengal travels at 6 km / h for 6 hours, centered at 250,000 IST 0230 in Bengal.”

Public gatherings are prohibited in Puducherry from Tuesday evening until Thursday morning.After the typhoon ends, shops across the Confederation will be closed, with the exception of basic goods such as pharmacies and gas stations.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) deployed up to 30 teams in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh to assist local authorities in the event of the evacuation of residents from vulnerable coastal areas. Another 20 groups are waiting. on the phone.Fishermen are not advised to go out to sea while coastal residents are evacuated to shelters.IndiGo flights to and from the southern regions,

especially Chennai, have been suspended.“ They told We will make a decision on whether to continue the case on November 26 after observing the situation.We will pick you up on the next available flight with no additional fees, cancellation fees or full refunds.Southern Railways suspended some rail services, and domestic and domestic buses, including private buses, were suspended at seven locations in Tamil Nadu.cyclone is causing so much of disaster.

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