Denmark removes AstraZeneca from its vaccination program

(CNN)Denmark has eliminated the AstraZeneca Covid-19 immunization from its inoculation program,

saying it isn’t required because the nation has effectively reached “a particularly progressed

point” in its antibody rollout. did not depend on security concerns, said the Danish Health Authority in an articulation Wednesday.

“We are essentially in concurrence with EMA’s [European Medicine Agency] evaluation in regards to the AstraZeneca antibody.

That is the reason underscore that it is as yet an affirmed immunization [in Europe],” said Søren Brostrøm, chief general of the Danish Health Authority.

“Also, I comprehend if different nations in an unexpected circumstance in comparison to us decide to keep utilizing the antibody.”
The Danish Health Authority stopped the utilization of AstraZeneca on March 11 and

the Danish immunization exertion has proceeded with the antibodies from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.


“On the off chance that Denmark was in an extraordinary circumstance and amidst a savage

third flare-up, for instance and a medical services framework under tension – and if we

had not arrived at a particularly progressed point in our rollout of the antibodies – at

that point I would not stop for a second to utilize the immunization, regardless of

Moreover, whether there were uncommon however extreme difficulties related with utilizing it,” Brostrøm said.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, the Danish Medicines Agency and its National Board

of Health introduced the aftereffects of their examinations around AstraZeneca and the results they will have for the Danish inoculation program.

“It is our choice to proceed with the rollout of inoculations in Denmark without

AstraZeneca,” said Brostrøm, who added that the instance of a 60-year-old Danish lady

Before the month, the EMA inferred that the advantages of utilizing the AstraZeneca Covid-19 immunization keep on exceeding the dangers.

The Danish Health Authority says it concurs with the office’s overall discoveries and that the potential

Moreover, the advantages of AstraZeneca in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic keep on exceeding the danger of genuine unfriendly occasions.

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Brostrøm proceeded to call it “an achievement” that “we have now arrived at 1,000,000 inoculated

Danes,” and said trust in immunizations is significant.

“At the point when you immunize altogether, it is essential to have a significant degree of

help and trust in the antibodies,” he said.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s choice to end the utilization of the AstraZeneca

antibody considers various variables including Denmark’s low contamination rate.

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