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This article is about Fake news. Australia is moving with new version Si to drive the defamation laws and after of court ruling that the publisher of can be liable for the public comments on online following and also they can send shockwaves through the media industry and beyond. Since the ruling of CNN which is owned by the has blocked Australian from its Facebook pages and by the Australian arms of British newspapers and the guardian says it has disable comments below because most for articles posted( Fake news ).

The federal Attorney General make husband cash on when 0288 and the territory go out on the streets in the importance of ongoing review of the defamation. Received considerable feedback from the stakeholders and also regarding the potential and applications of the high court’s decision so the letter it was seen by said that there are different from commenting on the merits of because decision and it is so clear from the stakeholders directions reactions that I work to ensure that the information noise fit for purpose in the digital age remains( Fake news ).

So the reviews which has been running through this 2021 has published 36 submissions on its web site and it is including one from Facebook on which says it should not be held liable for that reformatory and the comment since it has also been relatively little ability and to monitor and remove the content posted and publishes pages full stop for the ruling has come under fire with the deformation lawyers accusing the Australia for not keeping up with technological change

and the nothing that contrasts with the United States and Britain where the laws are been protected by the publisher’s from any fallout from the comments published. Show the state and the federal attorneys of the general will meet to discuss this possible changes in the next month and although no timeline has been published about when the changes to the law could go . And the media is now organisations will among the the first to criticize the high court ruling lawyers and have won all the Australian sectors which rely on social media and to interact with the public or potentially liable( Fake news ).

So the decision has significant implications for those who really operate online for forums and which also allow third parties to make comments and a law council of Australia spokesperson said it is not limited to the news organisations. The Australian capital territory Chief Minister and was among those who have been the Sable comments from the Facebook pages. The movie has been made out of an abundance of the caution and has his pages is not government account and it is a person the page( Fake news ).

The deformation has a key point which is it need to be fixed fee legal cost to send a function is not is and also call me to discuss and fixed fee to meet for 1 hour and a drug or send a concern notice so it has a local to be a and also check whether other order formation lawyers.

The Australia is transferring with the new agency to draught the read graphics defamation laws and after of court ruling that the publishers will be answerable for public feedback on online board and also they can dispatch show shockwave all media business in past so the middle of the state and the Australian capital territory the residents to have additional return of the remark section

on their Facebook pages so the federal Attorney General cash on Wednesday also wrote that the state and territory counterparts trust in the significance of ongoing overview of defamation laws. The overview which has now been working by 2021 has been printed with 36 submission on its website and together with one from Facebook and which says it’s his should be held answerable for the defamatory feedback because it has the comparatively little skill and to monitor and take away the content material posted when it the publisher stages of the ruling has come

when it how to write the definition legal professionals of using the Australia for not maintaining with technological change and nothing the distinction with the United States and Britain the place laws largely Shield publishers from any fallout from feedback posted online so the media organisation among the many have first to be treated as the high court ruling and the legal professionals have on all the Australian sectors who depend on social media to work together and with the general public probably liable.0.21

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