Flood In Europe – The Complete Report

Flood In Europe: Since 12 July 2021, several European countries have affected by catastrophic floods, causing deaths and widespread damage. The floods have affected several river basins, first in the United Kingdom and later across northern and central Europe including Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. people have died in the floods, including in Germany, in Belgium and in Italy.In addition to the confirmed fatalities, damage to infrastructure was especially severe in Germany.
Impact of floods:

Austria – Flood In Europe

flash flood swept through Hallein, a town close to the German border.Rescue workers in the states of Salzburg and Tyrol placed on high alert for flooding, and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tweeted “heavy rains and storms are unfortunately causing severe damage in several places in Austria.”

Belgium – Flood In Europe

all residents of Liège, the third-largest urban area in Belgium urged to evacuate amidst fears that the River Meuse could burst its banks and that a dam bridge could collapse. No vehicles allowed into the city centre of Liège; traffic only allowed to leave as part of the evacuation. several smaller municipalities in Limburg Province also given the order to evacuate. In addition, due to the heavy flooding, a number of municipalities in Liège and Namur provinces left without potable tap water. Around 41,000 households left without electricity in Wallonia. Foundations of buildings near rivers became eroded and buildings collapsed. In the town of Pepinster, at least 20 houses collapsed. Also the town of Verviers badly affected.

An empty passenger train derailed at Grupont when the trackbed washed out by floodwater, with debris strewn across the track.The Charleroi–Namur–Liège line, and all railway lines in Belgium south west of that line, closed. The overall damage to the rail network estimated to take several weeks to repair. Early estimates also pointed to severe damage to the agricultural sector of the country, including long-term effects like soil erosion. During the flooding itself, farms and livestock had to be evacuated and many fields were damaged and crops destroyed by inundation. The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps suffered damage to access roads and its digital safety infrastructure.The circuit is due to hold.

Italian Firefighters

The Italian firefighters sent to Belgium to rescue the victims of the flood that hit Central Europe rescued at least 40 people in Tilff, an area south of Liège. Firefighters evacuated people who were stranded in their homes and in a nursing home.
floods were the worst natural disaster in the Czech Republic , when floods killed people and caused billions of dollars of damage in Prague. Those same floodwaters from the Czech Republic also affected Germany, with Dresden being hit by its worst flooding for over a century and three thousand people evacuated from areas where water said to be waist-deep. Austria also experienced its heaviest rainfalls in half a century.

How did the Flood In Europe begin?

The flooding began after several days of heavy rain in Europe, mostly Germany and France; but also Austria, Belgium, Romania, Moldova, Netherlands and the United Kingdom affected. Beginning at the river Neckar, the Danube, Rhine, Seine and their tributaries highly affected; by high water and flooding along their banks.

Deaths and Other Loss

At least 21 people died in the floods
heavy thunderstorms caused severe damage in north eastern parts of the city of Hamburg. Massive trees uprooted and roofs uncovered. There were 254 rescue operations by fire brigades and Technisches Hilfswerk. A state of emergency temporarily declared for the city. Heavy thunderstorms reported from the Ruhrgebiet area in Western Germany.

Furthermore, a series of tornados reported from nearby  places
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she “shocked by the catastrophe; that so many people in the flood areas have to endure”; and that her “sympathy goes out to the families of the dead and missing”. Declared emergency alert to the parts of the country that were most affected.
There are people dead, there are people missing, there are many who are still in danger. We have never seen such a disaster. It’s really devastating.” 


Romania was the most affected by the floods, as it was faced with the most powerful; and widespread floods and also the highest loss of life,
The floods also meant the temporary closure of many mountain passes; amongst them the Gotthard in Switzerland, and the Arlberg in Austria. On a section of the Arlberg, the road and rail were washed away.

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