HOW WILL INDIA DEAL WITH AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan and India relationship now

Afghanistan and India relationship now: HOW WILL INDIA DEAL WITH AFGHANISTAN

HOW WILL INDIA DEAL WITH AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan and India relationship now

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said on Thursday that India, like other countries, is fully aware of the situation in Afghanistan and that the top priority of the government is to ensure the safety and safe return of Indian citizens to their homes.

Today, like everyone else, we are very closely following the development of Afghanistan. When asked how India would deal with the Taliban, Jaishankar of EAM S told the UN Security Council that “we are focused on ensuring the security of Afghanistan and the safe return .”

“Look at the situation in Kabul. Apparently, the Taliban and their representatives have arrived in Kabul. So we have to get it from there. S. Jaishankar made a statement in response to a question about whether India has recently maintained ties with the Taliban.

India’s investment in Afghanistan reflects the historic relationship between New Delhi and the Afghan people. “This relationship with Afghanistan is clearly continuing. This will shape our approach to Afghanistan in the future. ”

Earlier, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and British Foreign Secretary exchanged views on the Taliban seizure of Afghanistan and the problems it faces.

With the relationship already established, India could become the necessary mediator in the Afghan peace process. Posting Details: General Analysis and Commentary Following a special basic agreement between the US and the Taliban in February, Afghanistan and India relationship, Afghanistan is still working to take the next step in the peace process, including internal negotiations in Afghanistan and Local neighbors are critical to the success or failure . Of course, Pakistan is of most interest, with an emphasis on Iran and China, but US Special Envoy Jalmai Khalilzad has made it clear that India also has an important role to play. India, which has sided with Afghan leaders and NATO partners for 20 years, must now think about how to support Afghan partners if they stop winning the war and strive.

Afghanistan and India maintain a warm and positive relationship and share deep cultural, social and economic ties, from Afghanistan’s love of Indian music and cinema to active trade and technology exchange and decades of medical . Afghanistan After the Taliban, India has been a reliable partner since the resumption of diplomatic relations following the agreement in 2002, and India has provided Afghanistan with approximately in development assistance, far more than This support comes in the form of student grants, major infrastructure and transport projects, medical teams to care for and treat Afghans, and institutional capacity building

However, a strong and independent Afghanistan without a Taliban role provides access to Central Asia and diminishes fears of Pakistani influence Therefore, the Indian leadership is very worried about the negotiations between the US and the Taliban and fears that their Afghan partners will lose their role in negotiations with the brave Taliban due to the fact that they agreed to reduce

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened to cut aid funds if Afghanistan fails to resolve the issue, after reaching a political agreement on the 23rd and announcing that it will continue to withdraw troops in accordance with the US-Taliban agreement. This contributed to the political crisis in Kabul and negotiations with the Taliban.

Therefore, it is in India’s best interest to protect these interests and continue these investments to ensure that future political deals are perpetuated. As an important reminder of the Indian leadership’s support for a peaceful settlement of the Afghan conflict, India sent a representative to sign an agreement between the United States and the Taliban in late February. Afghanistan believes that India maintains peace with the Taliban, protecting their interests.

In addition to reaffirming its support, India, along with other Afghan friends, should pressure its Afghan partners to resolve their differences and form a coalition front for negotiations. The ongoing political battle in Afghanistan only helps the Taliban, but India’s clear and open support for the peace process, which has guaranteed many of Afghanistan’s achievements since 2002,

reaffirms India’s commitment to a peaceful and prosperous India can provide technical assistance to Afghans involved in the peace process because there are many fundamental social and political organizational problems in Afghanistan that need . From reforming the constitution and security forces to establishing a democratic system in a peaceful Afghanistan.

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