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Jasmine Bhasin is one of the boss’s favorites in Big 14. Whether it’s a fight with Rubina Delike and Rahul Vaida or a budding romance with the lovely Ali Goni, Jasmine is a title at every turn of the reality show. Given his tumultuous journey into the show, he has amassed a huge following on social media. Even months after Vick’s boss graduated, her fans continued to support actress Vick. The actress recently posted a mysterious tweet on social media, and her fans are very supportive. By the time this story was published, the actress was one of the main trends on Twitter with over 222,000 posts.

Jasmine tweeted in Hindi: “Mujhse nafarat karne waale bhi, kamaal ka hunar rakhte hain, mujhe dekhna tak nahin chahate, lekin nazar mujhpar hee rakhate hain. Thank you very much for your contribution to the development of the actress. User “Queen JASMIN BASIN “, another user wrote: “Your smile spreads positivity”.

A few more photos of the actress were shared on Twitter. Many people have also posted pictures of them with the lovely Ali Goni. Some examples of these tweets: At work, Jasmine shoots 14 Bigg Boss videos. She recently starred in the music video for “Pani Di Gal” with singer Mander Batar.  The video will include the location of the wedding and a funny joke in between.

Jasmine Bhasin Fame:

Jasmine Bhasin, celebrity TV host Naagin’s Fame, shared her story on Thursday to comment on one of the latest Twitter hashtags. He posted a popular screenshot of a girl making a heart out of a GIF expressing her love for Aly and the fan show, and the words “Isme koi shak hi Nahi hai” meaning “without a doubt.”

The history of the popular hashtag goes back to Niki Tamboli’s recent interview with VJ Andy. In an interview, he said that Jasmine Basin and Ali Goni did not really influence Internet users and fans of the actors. Nikki seems to be commenting on Ali and Jasmine’s relationship and when he talks about Ali he blushes.

This clearly annoyed Ali and Jasmine’s fans, who were inexperienced in Nikki and jealous of their relationship. Since then, the hashtag “Ali Sirf Jasmine Ka Hai” has become popular on Twitter and netizens have asked Nikki to stay away from Jasmine Bhasin’s friend Ali Goni.

Jasmine and Ali have carved a niche in the minds of their audience after seeing their strong bond on the recently wrapped reality show. Netizens have been letting go of these two ever since they appeared on reality together. Ali and Jasmine recently recorded a video together for a song called Tera Suit. Fans were delighted with the appearance of their beloved couple on the screen, and the song received positive reviews from the public. The number of dances on YouTube has exceeded 35 million views.

She works in the Hindi television industry and is known for his work on Tashan-e-Ishq and Dil Se Dil Tak. She has appeared in reality shows such as Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 (2019) and Bigg Boss 14 (2020). Jasmine Basin was born on June 28, 1990 in Kota, Rajasthan, to a Sikh family.  She Graduated from Jaipur the University of Hospitality.

Earlier, Jasmine Bhasin performed with Ali Goni in the video for the new song Tera Suit. This is Jasmine’s first music video written and sung by Tony Kaker. Jasmine Basin made her Hollywood debut in 2011 in the Tamil film Vaanam. She has starred in South Indian films such as Karodpathi, Veta and Ladies.

In January 2017, Jasmine Bhasin got her second lead role as Shadow in Colors TV’s Dil Se Dil Tak. In 2019, Jasmine Bhasin was nominated for the Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Kiladi 9 stunt show on Tsvet TV. Happy Mehra Dil Toha from Star Plus Happy Hai Ji was replaced by Donal Bisht from January to June 2019.

In December 2019, Jasmin Bhasin began playing the role of Nayantara in Bhagyi Ka Zehrila Khel’s Naagin 4: Colors TV, until her role ended in February 2020. In August 2020, Jasmine Bhasin played in Khatron Ke Khiladi – Made In India and finished second. Moved to Bigg Boss 14 as a racer in October 2020. After Bigg Boss, she starred in three music videos with Ali Goni. He also appeared in two Punjabi songs: “Pandi Di Gal” and “Tenu Yaad Karaan”.

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