Reliance Jio and Google, co-creators of JioPhone Next, announced that they have made significant progress in launching a smartphone Jio Phone Next targeting India. JioPhone Next was jointly developed by Jio and Google and is the first device with an optimized Android operating system.The company said JioPhone Next is testing further updates with a limited number of users and is actively working to make it more accessible after the Diwali season.The joint press release says the extra time will help alleviate the current semiconductor shortage.

Both companies have begun testing JioPhone Next with a limited number of users for further improvement and are actively working to make it more accessible during the Diwali holiday season. This additional time will also help alleviate the current worldwide semiconductor shortage.Voice and language translations, including text on the JioPhone Next screen, will be available today, September 10th.JioPhone Next was announced at Reliance’s 2021 AGM in June with the goal of “opening up new opportunities for millions of Indians, especially those new to the Internet.” Jio 5G solutions and various internal services like JioSaavn, JioMart, etc.JioPhone Next will not launch on Friday 10 September.

Instead, you can get a cheap smartphone ahead of the Diwali festival on November 4th.Reliance had previously planned to showcase JioPhone Next at another festival called Ganesh Chaturthi.In its latest press release, the company announced that JioPhone Next is in an extended testing phase and will be released before Diwali. The delay in announcing the final price of the JioPhone and the launch of the next generation JioPhone may be due to a worldwide shortage of chips, making it difficult for manufacturers to meet growing market demands.

Development and Release of Jio Phone Next

The smartphone is being developed by the Indian telecommunications giant Reliance Jio together with Google, which is part of Alphabet.JioPhone Next, targeting 300 million potential customers in India with feature phones, has been named by Reliance Jio as “Cheapest Smartphone”. By sharing the experience of Reliance and Google, the smartphone will receive many useful features, such as the ease of use of the Android operating system and Jio saving.

 In a press release, the company said, “Both companies have begun testing JioPhone Next, which is looking for further improvements for a limited number of users, and is actively working to make it more accessible for  Diwali and Christmas . This additional time will also help alleviate the industry’s global semiconductor shortage.Reliance and Google reached an agreement under which the search giant Google will invest to acquire .JioPhone Next comes with tight Google voice assistant integration, so this smartphone also supports automatic subtitle reading.

The smartphone camera with a resolution of 13 million pixels will support augmented reality filters.This smartphone supports many indigenous languages ​​of India.According to leaks and rumors, the JioPhone Next will be available with Qualcomm QM215 SoC, 2GB or 3GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.Distribution of JioPhone Next will begin before Diwali, Reliance Jio reported on Thursday night.In June, the company announced that a new low-cost Jio phone would be available in Ganesh Chaturthi .

As Jio said in a statement, “This additional time will also help alleviate the industry’s current global semiconductor shortage,” the delay in announcing pricing and shipping plans for Jio Phone Next is due to the global semiconductor .   Reliance Jio announced the release date of the phone on September 10th in June that it will be co-developed with Google and will launch at the price of a phone that has but has smartphone features such as Android .  While the company hasn’t announced specific pricing for the JioPhone Next,

 JioPhone Next aims to provide upgradeability for those still using 2G phones, and Jio said in a late statement Thursday that “the device and operating system, including improved sound, were previously available in more powerful smartphones.  

Jio Phone Next Features:

We bring you the best features: use content in your native language, view information on your phone, enjoy the great camera experience and get the latest Android features and security updates: “We are currently testing our phones with a limited number of users,  But at the same time, according to Gio, the extra time will help address the semiconductor shortage that affects many industries, from smartphones to cars to game consoles, and is a major factor slowing down the adoption of affordable .


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