Turkey President Says Joe Biden Has Bloody Hands

“Joe Biden has bloody, black hands”. The Turkish President said during his speech at the opening of an international seminar on combating human trafficking. What Does This Mean for the Future of the Country? He was referring to the vice president’s handling of the Israeli-Leban peace talks. “Just as he made his point, he also showed his black handkerchief,” the president added. The reference to the president’s “bloody hand” was a reference to a report in the Israeli daily newspaper, Haifa al-Azhar. A top official of Hamas said, Joe Biden had “blood on his hands” during recent peace talks with the Israelis.

Turkey President Says Joe Biden Has Bloody Hands
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We will not negotiate with terrorists

The Haifa al-Azhar report stated that Ahmed Jaradat, a member of the Fatah party and a member of the Hamas leadership told reporters that he had spoken with the vice president and that the latter had told him: “Biden, you have blood on your hands. We will not negotiate with terrorists”. Turkey President Says Joe Biden Has Bloody Hands. According to Jaradat, he told the vice president that he would hand in his resignation to the PM as soon as Israel started its operation in the occupied territories.

The Unlucky Victims

This came as a major embarrassment for the president; who is undergoing an internal battle with some members of his party; who are urging him to distance himself from Obama over the issue of the Iraq war. Some even went so far as to call the president weak on the war; due to his close relationship with the vice president. The Haifa report is the tip of the iceberg and there may be more to come.

The timing of this article is significant; it comes just as the State Department is releasing a statement; amid the ongoing conflict in Iraq, regarding the alleged Iranian role in the war. Now, if this is true, then the US State Department, which has continually held the Bush administration responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans in the war, would have to admit that it was not the Iranians that caused all this trouble – they merely happened to be the unlucky victims.

But it would be hard to deny the fact that President Bush has had a rough go of it since he took office. For one thing, the administration has been slow to pick up the pieces of the puzzle; that resulted after the initial troop withdrawal from Iraq. Worse still, the administration has not been able to produce a strategic map that would guide American forces in the future. Meanwhile, the Iraqi government has been fighting a tough fight against insurgents who are decimating its ability to secure the country. This has all led to more US military personnel risking their lives to prevent further attacks.

Drone Strikes

Then there’s the matter of drone strikes – some have been called counterproductive. The very basis of drone strikes may be illegal, according to Human Rights Watch. The organization did report that the new Pakistan government, which is led by Asif Ali Zobair, is now giving the US a headache by refusing to co-operate with them on drone strikes – a move that is aimed at calming domestic opponents of the United States in the region.

If the United States cannot cooperate, then what can it do? Well, it could start drafting a new strategy for fighting the Taliban, but it appears that it would take a long time before any new strategies would be put into practice. Meanwhile, President Obama and other members of his administration have a lot of explaining to do – starting with the defense secretary, Robert Gates.

Military Solution

A military solution would be preferable, but that isn’t going to work either. We know that Pakistan doesn’t want to negotiate with the US on anything – let alone hand over its territory. It seems that it would prefer to keep the US Military away from its soil and that’s a nightmare for the American people. Then again, what’s going on? Did President Obama and his team forget to get the other side of the story?

Now then, back to politics for a moment. Why do we need to understand the root causes of what’s going on, or how we’re going to fix it? Is the media biased and against the military – and if so why? Please consider all this and think about it.

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