Juhi Chawla on 5G Technologies

why juhi chawla is against 5g implementation in india

Juhi Chawla on 5G Technologies: In her Plea against 5G Rollout in India, Juhi Chawla has made some incredible statements. One thing she has rightly said is that the way the mobile market is regulated by the mobile operators is very unfair. The mobile market is dominated by the giants of the industry and the benefits they offer do not trickle down to the customers. When you are using a handset, there is no question of the manufacturer giving you anything more than you require. But when it comes to power, charging your battery and the like, the mobile manufacturers take advantage of loopholes to charge you more. This leads to huge financial losses for you and your family.

When you go mobile, there are three things you use a mobile for. These are communication, entertainment and networking. You can hardly imagine a lifestyle without any one of these. With the advent of VoIP, audio and video services have become part of our everyday lives. But VoIP and data roaming together have been a nightmare from the beginning as it has led to over-usage of power and the resultant heavy expenditure on maintaining the same.

When you talk about power consumption, there are three service providers in India who consume a large portion of electricity. These are MTN, Airtel and Reliance. Between these three, MTN tops the chart and is the most popular mobile network in India. But when you talk about pleasurable moments, it is all about Reliance who has been indulged in the sector for more than 15 years now and has emerged as one of the leading telecom companies in India.

When you talk about electricity, all you need to do is to look at your mobile handset and see how many connections it has got. If you have got a 1GB handset, you will definitely have seen the maximum amount of power consume over a period of time. So, what about those who need more?

There are two types of tariff plans available in the market today. The first one is unlimited talk as well as talk time and the second one is talk time and unlimited data. In the unlimited talk plan, you get to enjoy unlimited calls and text messages for a period of one month. But here, there is a catch. The company levies heavy charges per minute and there is no way out.

In the unlimited data plan, you charged for downloading three to five gigabytes of data. What is worse is that the company also charges you extra charges for various other things like maintenance and connection as well. Sometimes, you might have to pay an extra charge for roaming. So in case your mobile handset runs out of talk time or data connection, what do you do?

Fortunately, there is an alternate way out in which you can reduce your mobile bills. You can reduce your handset costs by switching to a billing structure that suits your needs. There are plenty of handset makers who give you a free month to use the handset. This means that you do not have to pay charges on using your handset for the entire month. So now, what are you waiting for?

Switching to a monthly payment scheme would help you save hundreds of dollars. You can save even more if you go in for installment deals that offer a discount on the initial purchase. You also get better value for money if you make the payment in a lump sum. So enjoy those pleasurable moments whenever you use your Juhi Chowla.

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