Neeraj Chopra from India to win gold medal in javelin throw

India was on the right track thanks to the strong performances of the men’s and women’s hockey teams after decades of ups and downs, But Neeraj Chopra javelin victory with a throw of 87.58m was something none of his 1.38 billion compatriots had never seen before.It was our first Olympic medal in a very long time, and in track and field it was the first time we had a gold medal, so it was a proud moment for me and the earth.For a long time, millions of Indians will remember where they were when Chopra won.It’s rare to find a home where families aren’t gathered together to witness the moment a nation is obsessed with gold in every possible form of jewelry, bullion, coin.finally happy to win the gold medal.Then I went to dinner and the restaurant owner gave everyone a free glass of water to celebrate the win.He said he had given up hope of one day hearing the Indian national anthem played at matches, said trader Neeraj Tiwari.After speaking to the new golden boy of Indian sport, Modi tweeted that Chopra “best exemplifies sporting talent and sportsmanship”.In the homeland of army officer Khandra, Haryana, spectacular scenes erupted. Mandatory cookies explode and farmers and their sons dance in the streets to beat loud drums after seeing the man severely harassed as a teenager because of obesity (13 years old, 80 kg) to the point that he has had to take her to the gym. proud country. By constantly chanting prayers.It was the only way for him to calm down, “her mother, Saroj, told reporters after the media invaded the village.Her father, Satish, a farmer looked upset and couldn’t stand the The phone rings constantly around the house, saying simply, “I have no words to explain this .” that I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime. Chopra redeemed all our past mistakes, India’s only previous medal in athletics dates back to 1900, two silver medals were won by Norman Pritchard, son of a noble family from England, over 200m and 200m hurdles . And despite the hockey team’s record number of gold medals, the country’s only previous individual gold medal was won by sniper Abhinav Bindra in 2012.Cricket is a popular sport in India and all that the power of Chopra watches is earned.The Cricket Control Board in India has announced cash prizes for Olympic medalists.Military leaders also intervened.Chopra, an Indian Army junior officer with a Rajputana rifle, made his first mark in the international athletics arena with the world junior title in 2016.Two years later, he became The first Indian athlete to win the javelin throw at the Asian and Commonwealth Games.Preparations were underway on Sunday to welcome Chopra home.The road to the village will likely need to be widened to accommodate all the media and VIP vehicles pouring in. Highlight of Neeraj Chopra’s men’s javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics: Neeraj Chopra on Saturday became the second Indian to win an individual gold at the Games, far surpassing the javelin throw to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic won the country’s first medal in track and field. The son of a 23-year-old farmer from the village of Khandra near Panipat in Haryana made his second throw at 87.58m in the final to wow the athletic world and end a 100-year wait for a medal in athletics at the World Championships. fortune of India.Chopra won the country’s seventh and first gold medal at these Olympics and, along with shooter Abhinav Bindra (2008 Beijing Olympics), was gold in fish. .As a result, the country surpassed the previous record of six medals won at the 2012 London Olympics.Neeraj Chopra will carry the Indian flag at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.Neeraj Chopra won the men’s javelin throw on Saturday with a best throw of 87.58 meters to win India’s first Olympic gold medal.2018 British Community Champion Chopra stepped forward with 87.03 strides on his first try, a distance that no other competitor was able to cover in the final, and in a happy moment won India’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics Stand
Chopra, who scored 86. 65 in qualifying, knew his play this week was going in the right direction, but didn’t think gold was a win.

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