The Uttar Pradesh government declared black mold (mucositis) a “reported disease” in the state on Friday after an increase in cases. The announcement was made at a briefing by Prime Minister Yogi Adityanat with a nine-person team working on the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Ministry of Health has called on the federal states and territories to make black mold a notifiable disease under the Infectious Diseases Act 1897.

While there is no data on the status of black mold cases, KGMU von Lucknow reports that 96 infected patients have been treated there so far. “In just 24 hours, 23 new infections were cured. So far, eight people have died in the hospital due to infection. On the advice of experts, the state is taking steps to ensure adequate patient care … The order must be issued today for it to take effect. Adequate availability of medicines must be ensured.

During the meeting, Adityanath was informed that “the cure for black mold is available everywhere.” “Patients who are being treated for this disease in a private hospital can also receive treatment by submitting an application to the appropriate department,”

All public hospitals, medical schools and private hospitals in Korea should be provided with information on the general course and method of treatment for patients receiving black mold treatment. The total number of confirmed cases increased to 18,760, of which 7,735 and 172 were deaths. The state discharged 17,668 COVID patients in the past 24 hours, with active cases up to 1.06 varnish.

Most new cases were reported by Ghaziabad (1003), Gorakhpur (892), Meerut (427) and Gautam Bad Nagar (394). Most deaths were recorded in Varanasi, where 15 people died, in Lucknow, where 12 people died, in Saharapur (11) and Meerut, where 9 people died. Lucknow continues to have the largest number of active cases at 6,631. The government also said it is “laying the groundwork for a war to build 258 oxygen plants in the state to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of medical oxygen.”

Currently, all regions have sufficient oxygen reserves at UP. The medical school also has a supply of oxygen for two and a half days. In just the last 24 hours, 753 tons of oxygen have been delivered to the country. Oxygen is also provided to people in quarantine at home. “Currently 25 oxygen systems are in UP condition. In addition, the PM Cares Fund is building a total of 188 new oxygen systems, 5 of which have already been installed and 16 are in development, ”

A ward for this suspicious fever ward has been established in Firozabad, with the Covid-19 ward reserved . Three people died in medical school. A total of 32 children and 7 adults died of suspected fever, ”Adityanat said. Lucknow and the government observation team.

Due to the lack of sensitivity at the local level, patients are transferred to private hospitals and clinics. Having learned about the fever, the Ministry of Health and the administration assessed the situation at the state level. Two out of three children have died. ” Locals have accused the health ministry and city council of ignoring wastewater treatment issues and claiming that some canals in the area are congested.

Uttar Pradesh is battling a mysterious fever in several western regions at a time when the number of Covid-19 cases is rapidly declining. The disease is characterized by high fever, a sharp decrease in the number of platelets and, in some cases, severe dehydration and to date has killed 70 people. Firozabad is the most affected area, almost 50 people were affected. More recently, Agra, Mathura, Mainpuri, Etawa and Kasganj have been included. Prime Minister Yogi Adityanat on Monday formed a task force to investigate the outbreak and proposed immediate measures to limit the spread to Firozabad and surrounding areas. At a review meeting on Tuesday, the CM dispatched a task force to the Firozabad camp and accelerated support activities.

In Firozabad, not only children but also adults are sick. CM asked the Ministry of Health to transfer patients to medical schools and, if necessary, increase the number of beds. The government will also increase the number of doctors and health workers to limit the spread.

West Uttar Pradesh is currently battling a mysterious viral fever that has plagued children and adults for more than two weeks. The viral fever has also caused several deaths in the state, and the mysterious viral fever is believed to be known as typhus. During Mathura’s first visit to the area, there were 29 cases of tick-borne rickets known as artisanal typhus. The Ministry of Health warned after laboratory reports confirmed that 29 patients, ages 2 to 45, tested positive on Sunday.

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