Paul Pogba – The Perfect Goalscorer

Paul Pogba - The Perfect Goalscorer

Paul Pogba is a French international football player; who plays for Premier League top club Manchester United. He usually plays as a center forward; but is also able to play as a false forward, wide forward, or both, or even as a CAM. The versatile forward has made 60 goals in 101 games, as well as scored seven goals in three World Cups. A versatile player, Paul Pogba holds a PAL in humanitarian aid; he is currently involved in the process of rescuing and rebuilding earthquake-hit earthquake zones in the Middle East.

Paul Pogba - The Perfect Goalscorer
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Early Life – Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba was born in Rocha, Italy. As a child, he started playing soccer and in his teens became a world number three tennis player. During this time, he joined the Italian national team and was part of the squad that qualified for the European Championships in 1994. Following the World Cup qualification, he left Italy to join United states side Leeds Rhinos. While with Leeds, he experienced a spell in charge of AC Milan; there he helped them win the European Cup in Euro 1996.


Paul Pogba’s playing career spanned ten years, during which he played for four different English clubs. In addition to this, he also had two spells in Spain and one in Brazil. Internationally, he holds a PAL in humanitarian aid and is currently an ambassador for UNESCO. During his playing days, Paul Pogba was often voted the most likely to stand up against AIDS. He also was named the 2021 recipient of the World Human Rights Prize. A very promising football player, Paul Pogba holds a PAL in humanitarian aid.

Legend of Football Players – Paul Pogba

Among many other notable football players, Paul Pogba ranks alongside the legends; like, David Beckham, Pele, and Diego Maradona in the pantheon of great football players. It is no wonder that when he signed for Manchester united in 2021, many people believed that this would be a defining moment in the history of the sport in England. Injuries prevented him from playing throughout the season however and his time at the club was limited. As a result, he decided to seek a new challenge and went on to play professionally in France; having firstly held a professional role with the Italian side Vitolo.


Pogba’s ability on the pitch and off has always been recognized. As a result, many eminent football managers have come to admire his abilities. Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United states that he is the type of football player that can turn the game on its head and create a world-class striker. Paul Pogba fits this description perfectly.

The influence of the former international player is enormous. Many of the modern-day greats owe much of their fame and fortune to the fact that they once walked the corridors of the top echelons of the sport. One of the finest footballing memories of all time, for many, is of legends David Beckham, Pele, and Diego Maradona walking arm in arm to lift the World Cup in 1986. All of these players would certainly have been aware of Paul Pogba. It is fair to say that without him, they may not be in the same position they are in today.

Goal-scoring record

Paul Pogba epitomizes what it is to be a true football player. His efforts on the pitch have always been there for the taking. The goalscoring record is impressive and with each season that he hangs around in the footballing world; the more he is praised and the more he is noticed. He has always been honest with the media when asked about his chances of becoming a world-class football player and although he has never been named in an England squad, many are convinced that one day he will fulfill their dreams.


Paul Pogba represents everything a football player should aspire to be. From his humble beginnings in France to his current success rate in Italy and now Manchester United. A versatile player who scores goals as well as providing assists, there is no doubt that Paul Pogba will go far in the world game. As long as he is respected by his teammates, schools and coaches then there is every chance that he will go on to become one of the best football players in the world. Time will tell but with a lot of hard work and the correct attitude from the minute he steps on the football field, there is every chance that we could see a world cup and beyond.

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