Police remove barricades in Ghazipur border at farmers protest


The interaction to return the line interfacing New Delhi with Haryana for resumption of the development of vehicles on somewhere around one carriageway at Tikri started before on Thursday. It was not quickly clear when the line will be completely opened.


Large number of farmers have been protesting at the Tikri, Singhu and Ghazipur borders in external and eastern Delhi against three ranch laws since last November. The barricades there were set up after the viciousness during the farmers’ Republic Day rally.

The development of vehicles towards New Delhi from Ghaziabad has been hindered on every one of the carriageways on the Delhi-Meerut interstate just as National Highway (NH) 24. Farmers have set up transitory tents and stopped their work vehicle streetcars on these carriageways.

Police from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have likewise introduced blockades on the courses. The carriageways for the development of vehicles towards Ghaziabad from Delhi are open on the turnpike yet shut on NH-24.

After the Republic Day rally savagery, the Delhi Police set up multifaceted bars at the three boundary fight locales by burrowing pits, setting iron nails, and situating iron blockades just as substantial obstructions.

An official said the Delhi Police work force with the assistance of cranes will eliminate the substantial just as iron blockades put at Ghazipur to keep the protesting farmers from entering the Capital. The cycle will be started to return the boundary and resume the typical development of vehicles.

“Numerous senior police officials, including uncommon magistrate of police (peace and lawfulness, north zone) Deependra Pathak, will visit the Ghazipur line to evaluate the circumstance and keep law and control during the expulsion of the barricades. They may likewise be having chats with their partners in Uttar Pradesh Police and the protesting farmers over continuing traffic on the streets,” the official said.

Seven days prior, video cuts surfaced via online media showing Bharatiya Kisan Union pioneer Rakesh Tikait and a few farmers eliminating a tent at the Ghazipur line. Tikait was heard saying in the video that it was not the farmers but rather the Delhi Police who had impeded the streets by setting blockades.

On Thursday, the Delhi Police affirmed they were eliminating barricades from the Tikri line. The advancement came on a day three ladies farmers were killed and two others harmed after a truck hit them close to the Tikri line.

The Supreme Court last week told the upsetting rancher associations that they are allowed to dissent however ought not impede streets for that.

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