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The Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has lashed out at the Narendra Modi government for confining have while those who lies killed the farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri with roaming scot-free so the Congress General Secretary of the Gandhi detained at a guest house in UP Sitapur and ensures Lal Dora the Narendra Modi government for confining her while those were lysed the killer farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri where roaming their squad free and then she took to Twitter and Sheeshe De video purportedly shot in entry

and also question the lack of action against those who were responsible for stockings and is also to today and all night live in the movie that you’re going in his gift me and the leading for the last 28 hours they have no order or any FIR against them with the present ramblewood is farmers is yeti arrested and then priyanka gandhi and several other congress leaders there also didn’t bother you people is on monday for a reading the houses tonight or attempting to make their way to look into kitty

also Priyanka Gandhi was escorted by bac guest houses heavy-duty orders are in the players in the district after 8 people including for farmers working on sunday as the wireless it up rendering of farmers brothers or the farmer’s of it has claimed that a union minister of state for home as a whistle aston ashish i know what a group of protesters on sunday and then commenting on residence priyanka gandhi hand earlier we do that how much does 3G be here the farmer’s of the country don’t they have a ride to live if they raise the voice will you should them

so this was walgreens and eat with a donde guido in the conqueror supporters have no gathering night numbers outside the busy guest house with priyanka gandhi is being arrested and demanding has released so therefore the workers have been sitting outside the guest house 2 birthdays again the homeless leaders confinement and in the wake of the world ends at looking for and the lack of fashion again that use the congress have ordered party leaders and mps to stage for this through the country for the next 2 days and also the congress leader rahul gandhi on Monday

and then the incident at looking for katie is an angel men muscular the visitors are here in houma night and he said those who lived island alicia already done so he said the 1 who is silent after seeing all this in houma night that means he’s already did but we will not let this after invest so the costanza the drawers in the world has that is being by rahul gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi in Cogress:

When the Congress had announced that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra formal entry into the politics it immediately energized the party workers who were quick to declare that she will provide greater energy and also focus to the party the former Congress leader within per Sada who is now minister in Yogi Adityanath government had Ek Le Excel tantri the people of Uttar Pradesh good looking for an alternative and they have one so Priyanka Gandhi was then appointed party general secretary in given charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh

but now Overseas affairs event hire States Priyanka Gandhi is the younger sister of Rahul Gandhi and and she was always the preferred choice of the party rank-and-file and she was considered to be the most smarter than her brother and more politically Savvy and a better communicator and having a greater mass appeal to the fact that she resembles her grandmother like Indira Gandhi he is relax compare null and also speaks fluent Hindi where scenes as a bonus

so when the Congress posted a disastrous results from Uttar Pradesh and even to using the family fashion Amethi Rahul Gandhi was around to defeated by the Bhartiya Janata Party Smriti Irani the party was unwilling to blend Priyanka for detecting the side down and and after all she had been given together Pradesh baby 3 month before a general election it was said that making any headway in this Hindi heartland state was always

and Uphill task and the Congress has been out of power in Uttar Pradesh and the party support this so comprising minorities scheduled caste in brahmins has Virtually disappeared and having shifter Dalai engines to the Samajwadi Party the Bahujan Samaj party and the BJP respectively the party Organisation in the states have weakened beyond recognition and its workers have left in rules for greener pastures

so but nearly three years after she joined the hurly burly of politics the party is running out of excuses for Priyanka lecturer performance the manner in which she dealt with the recent Punjab in baglu exposure political maturity and raise serious doubts appearing as the skills to put the Congress house in order and she has taken on the role of what is crisis manager.

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