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Rahul Vaidya full name Rahul Krushna Vaidya is an Indian singer and songwriter. He is best known for appearing on Indian Idol 1. In 2020, he appeared on the reality TV show Big Boss 14 and finished in second place.

Vaidya was born on 23 September 1987 in Nagpur to a Marathi-speaking family. His father was an engineer at the State Electricity Council in Maharashtra. Vaidya grew up in Mumbai, studied music with Himanshu Manocha and participated in various competitions for the gifted.

Life and career of Rahul Vaidya

He finished third in the first season of Indian Idol. Although Vaidya strongly recommended winning, on February 18, 2005, he lost in the final round.Sajid Wajid wrote the music for their debut album. She also sang “God Promises Dil Dola” and “Hello Madam, I am your Adam” with the Indian idol runner-up Prajakta Shukre in the Bollywood film Shaadi 1. This is the title song for the drama “Ek Ladki Anzhaani”. town.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 received negative attention after the removal of Saurabh Raja Jain from the previous episode (August 1). His elimination eventually took him out of the race after Arjun Bilani used the K medal to gain immunity and chose sourabh to perform the knockout trick.

This surprised everyone, and Internet users described the removal of Saurabh as “unfair.” Some say that he should have preferred Tamboli to sourabh because Arjun Niki was not good at any stunts. Then, on August 2, a new advertisement for the event upset Rahul Vaidya fans with a trend of “sorry Rahul Vaidya” on Twitter.

This came after Arjun compared him to an animal, mocking his promotion. In the video posted, Arjun playfully compared the behavior of Shweta Tiwari and Rahul to that of certain animals. Arjun said in his promotion, “Yahaan aise ajeebo gareeb praani hai aapke to hosh ud jaayenge. Stunt mein jeet nahi milti to use vo dekiye vo hai Shweta chalak lomdi ki tarah jise angoor nahi milte angoor khatte lagte hain in Matlab. As he watched Rahul take a selfie, he said, “Rahul Ki Jackal Rakatbij (hyena) Jaisha High School.

The video was distribute for entertainment purposes only, but when fans did not find it, he apologized to Rahul. During his lucrative campaign, Rahul Vaidya shared photos of nail marks and bruises he received as a gift from a trip with Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. The singer shared the photo in her Instagram story and wrote: “A bit of Khatron Ke Khiladi!”

Recent promotions for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 have not been noticed by Internet users. During his doctoral dissertation, Arjun Bilani seems to mock Rahul Vaidya and Sveta Tiwari. He mocked them, comparing them to different animals. After a while, the singer’s fans started tweeting: “I’m sorry, I’m Rahul Bae.” Arjun just joked about the promotion, but many social media users apologized to Rahul, calling him a body shadow.

He also attacks Arjun Villani for giving him a job. Now they are outraged by a new action-based reality TV ad campaign in which Arjun considers himself to be a joke comparing the actions of Shweta Tiwari and Rahul vaidya to certain animals.

As we all know that Arjun’s speech. If she dint wins the task then she finds that grapes are sour. dekiye vo hai Shweta chalak lomdi ki tarah jise angoor nahi milte matlab (she didn’t win stunt and said the grapes was sour). The actor turned to Rahul and said: “Rahul ki shakal lakadbagge jaisi hai. Baaki usme aisi koi nahi hi quality (Rahul’s face is like a fox, there are no other qualities). “

Once the promo was released, Rahul Vaidya’s fans apologized to the creator and called it cheesy. One fan wrote: It’s totally cheap to tease someone’s body or character just to poke fun at someone, even if you’re tied to a contract or channel.

As the finale of Bigg Boss 14 approached, fans of the show cheered as their favorite nominees collected trophies. It’s no secret that member Rahul Vaidya is one of the most popular members of the show, and his fans have recently started turning to “Rahul Vaidya for Victory” to gain a foothold .

For a long time, the singer’s fans have been at the top of the popular Twitter list. Some fans even praised Rahul Vaidya as the star of the show and the king of the cast. One of the users even mentioned the singer as one of the real participants in the show. Check out some of his tweets.

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