Rome Colosseum: Italy unveils plan for new floor with gladiator’s view

Rome Colosseum

Rome Colosseum, The Italian government has endorsed an arrangement to furnish Rome’s antiquated Colosseum with

another floor, allowing visitors to stand where gladiators once battled.

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini reported the task to fabricate the wooden, retractable floor on Sunday.

Italian designing firm Milan Ingegneria won the 18.5m euro (£16.1m; $22.2m) contract to design the floor.

At present, the 2,000-year-old monument has no floor.

Mr. Franceschini said the “exceptional” new floor would permit visitors to “see the majesty of the Colosseum” from its middle.

“It’s another step forward toward reconstructing the field, an ambitious undertaking that will help the

conservation of the archeological structures while returning to the first picture of the Colosseum,” Mr. Franceschini said.

Milan Ingegneria was one of 10 competitors who answered the Italian government’s 2020 call for bids

to design another floor for the Colosseum.

Rome Colosseum

light and air into the underground chambers.

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Italy’s way of life ministry said the new 3,000-sq-m (32,300-sq-ft) floor

would be altogether reversible, should plans for another design be made later on.

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The Colosseum was the biggest amphitheater in the Roman Empire.

Gladiatorial fights and other public spectacles were hosted in front of crowds of at any rate 50,000 individuals.

While the coronavirus pandemic has restricted tourism, the Colosseum remains one of Italy’s most famous

landmarks. Before the pandemic struck, the monument pulled in about 7.6 million individuals in 2019.

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