Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s arrest

Shahrukh Khan son Aryan Khan has been arrested by police by NCB during the party at Cruise. The NCB had surprising raided The Cruise party at Mumbai. Aryan Khan has also retain Bazar NCB on Saturday evening and after the investigation if the agency raided the luxury Cruise liner and disease drugs and there were told that 10 people have been involved in the matter and along with them on and ibaseit merchant has also been detained by the recipe and the social also close to you have told it and that some drugs may have been found in Arbaaz possession.

What NCP says about Aryan khan:

So it is according to the NCP that sources told that dress like cooking and had been seized from The Cruise party in that state with the penis have been recovered and blood samples were collected and the detainees reportedly underwent a medical assistant has spent the night at their NCP office and they will be produced before a holiday court on and a world that it source close to the incb that read that the officials will scan Aryan Khan as well as well as discussed above the direct involvement in the possession and consumption of the drug. This took place on Sunday and this develop and came off the raids were done conducted within city officials and The Cruise ship of the Mumbai cost and there were multiple people who were detained and for questioning after legal drugs have been discovered in the party so the lawyers who is been representing and Khan in this matter has arrived NCB official in Mumbai in and it is Aryan has been arrested under section 27 of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act so soon after his arrest the star kid. Hindi actor Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan son Aryan currently being interrogated and Badi incb so after he was written by the agency officials in it was surprised that screws so while Gori hun was nabbed heading towards the holiday Kota while ago Sona Shahrukh Khan postponed his travel. The bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan son Aryan fun way to the top trending Twitter on Sunday morning after the news broke out that the incb has been conducted a surprise you know who is mean by Hardy Tintin more people and after receiving legal drugs as per the reports of those retan is the son of a big Bollywood star soon after this the fans to Twitter and started speculating that why some uses came to no matter so others simply shared memes on him that also feature SRK. Now do Twitter is been trending with the hashtag we stand with SRK and it is trending all over the internet fans of SRK is been supporting. The lawyer of Aryan Khan I have opposed to the extension of the custody sodbury NCP and have been observed that his client had no pain and also have claimed that no drugs were recovered from his clients positions and he also showed good conduct the not running away from NCB officers and their was being conducted and then allowed them to search him also. And his lawyer or good I am fine was invited to the cruise along with his friend and that he had not made any money to get on the ship so nothing in criminal eating with been recorded from Aryan Khan accept your mobile phone so his friend was arrested because he had his G Charas but that has nothing to do with his client. He also refuse the danger we claim the audience can consume girls even when you’re bored because you’re in my Windows is there but he has not been involved in trafficking and in the supply or distribution of drug. The fans of a circle have been recently took The fans of a circle have been recently took to their social media and blind to express their support to the actor and the fans have also been extended this support by sharing Shahrukh Khan scenes from the Lion King . Fans are using their hashtag in support of Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan and there waiting the truth to come soon as possible and they are all the fans are telling that he will come clear from all of these things.

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