Sharad Pawar To Rescue Again

Despite the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government alliance and the BJP’s ongoing obstruction to handle Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, NCP Chairman Sharad Pavar has taken action against the BJP’s plans to burn the government. This has not been the case since the launch of the new government in November, which was activated amid the COVID-19 crisis. In recent days, Pavar has held a series of talks with Prime Minister Udhav Thackeray and, according to sources, met with parliamentary leaders to remedy the situation following Rahul Gandhi’s speech.

Commenting on the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, Rahul said: “We support the Maharashtra government. But here we are not making major decisions. There is a difference between running the government and supporting the government … His remarks shocked state politics, and BJP leaders said that Congress was unhappy with Uddhava Thackeray’s actions when he took office.

Pavar spoke to the leaders of the Alliance and asked them to show a united face against the BJP attacks. Rahul then spoke with Thackeray and guaranteed the government’s full support. As a result, three senior ministers, Balasaheb Torat (Parliament), Jayant Patil (NKP) and Anil Parab (Shiv Sena), launched a brutal attack on Wednesday on BJP leader and former Prime Minister Devendra Fadnawis. Pavar urged ministers to avoid conflicting statements.

The strong Marathi man also visited the newly established COVID-19 treatment center in Mumbai to give instructions to the staff. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra topped 50,000 on Sunday multiplied by the number of confirmed cases. BJP leaders, led by Fadnavis, say the government has not fully considered the situation, and the ruling coalition says government agencies have done an excellent job of containing the spread of the virus,

After his nephew Ajit Pawar took over as Deputy Prime Minister of Maharashtra, four legal settlements made by Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Parliamentary Party (NCP), which had not been delivered since Saturday, were “rescued” and returned by the party to the PNK chamber. … The party said that 53 out of 54 OMC NKPs have re-connected.

MLA was found in room 5117 of the Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon. Shiv Sena and NCP leaders conduct rescue operations. “It’s shocking that the MLA is exposing the BJP conspiracy,” he added. Local leaders of the PNK Diraj Sharma and Sonya Dukhana carried out a daring rescue operation, as a result of which our deputy was locked in a hotel and took action. They returned to Mumbai before a vote of confidence from legislators .

“We are supported by 165 local self-government organizations. There are 53 national MLA contact points. Ajit Pavar was wrong. Dulat Daroda showed up, reported missing after a chaotic incident on Saturday. Support for party leader Sharad Pavar on video Sunday. “I’m safe. I am here after winning an election with the Mark of the Clock (NCP), so there is no way for me to change parties. Whatever decision Sharad Pavar and Ajit Pavar make, I will be there.

The NCP won 54 MLA in the 288-member Maharashtra parliament, finishing third behind BJP (105) and Shiv Sena (56). Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has asked the Center to send two letters to date. One is a letter from Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanding a majority, and the other is a letter from the governor asking to form a government. PNK leader Chagan Bhujbal traveled to Ajit Pawar’s home this morning to meet amid ongoing political strife. Following Saturday night’s meeting and a pre-dawn government order, the BJP staged a coup when Padnabis, allied with parliament led by Shiv Senna, took office just hours earlier with Deputy Minister Ajit Pavar as Deputy . Ajit Pavar’s uncle, Sharad Pavar, said his group was still with Shiv Senna and his boss Uddhav Thakkeray.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) spokesman Sharad Pavar on Tuesday urged leaders and officials not to participate in rescue and rescue operations to avoid “catastrophic tourism” by visiting flood-affected villages, as governments and authorities do. – Disaster: “The Prime Minister, Deputy Minister and Minister of Guardianship must be present. Because they analyze the situation and direct the support work. Opposition leaders also came, and I think they gave the authorities a lot of support. However, many people do not seek travel assistance for no reason. This runs counter to local authorities and disrupts ongoing work, ”Pak Pavar said at a press conference.

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