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The squid game is been trading all over the world and Abu Dhabi have organised real-life quiz games fans of the popular electric the Korean series of Speed game in Abu Dhabi will be given a chance to have any experience real-life squid game. Discrete game has been censored around so many different players from all the different walks of life and they are invited to our tournaments to play a set of children’s games with a deadly outcomes for losing out on

their Quest to win billion of prize first term the fans of the popular series in Abu Dhabi have given a chance to experience and realise quit game but without the bloodshed and the risk of any course so the Korean culture centre in the UAE is reportedly organising their own version of the game and its AIMS in the series for two terms with a total of 15 participants of the event is slated to be held on October Abu Dhabi office

Popularity of Squid Game:

so the squid game is a South Korean survival drama television series which has taken over the world and by the Throne ever since it was released and the series is entered with so much of their debt ridden players from different places and they are invited to a tour management so the show has on the rave reviews in the past few weeks and has become a pop culture phenomenon with names

Facts and references and the theories on every major social media platform CEO in terms of commercial success the show has already become one of the Netflix most watched in several regional Markets and the grim game themed the plot couple hand with intense performance of major characters and the mainstay of the show and that earn millions of fans worldwide now the fiction may not be too far from reality in UAE the fans of the popular series have given a chance to experience the real life squid game but without any risk of course and bloodshed.

Each winner in Abu Dhabi is expected to receive customised green tracksuits and the report says that there is no prize money involved so the games will be held in 2020 style sessions and when the player is eliminated he or she will be allowed to see .

So another difference is that it is interesting and people can apply to join the games by just filling out a form that contains three questions and the basics and about the basics of the show full star shows the game seems a bit brutal in this series and maximize the dramatic element and all the games in the show all popular once played with the Korean children.

Squid game has become in all the rage and the next thing people are trying to do is experienced hit necklace Korean show and it is not possible to participate in the game but that’s not stopping people from trying and some more experience this squad game full stock so there is a square game which is merchandise and being sold across the world and even in India so I realised with the game the organised in Abu Dhabi and you to put challenging refer to an envelope this game

so in India Finance can purchase this quick games mask from Amazon and also there are three masks available every label in the front mance Mars One featuring the square symbol and the other feature in the triangle symbol these are the mask won by the frontman water as you read about the game and the armed people enjoying every participant. So for those who want to take the things to another level,

there is a set of 2 Speed games invited invitation cards and this is the infamous card with the phone number given to eligible participants and a number of the business. So using this mask is crazy and there’s an actual squid game taking place in Abu Dhabi where people can take part in it is being organised with Korean Cultural Centre in the United Arab Emirates with the two teams of 15 players can take part and there will be no reviews leave no violence involved in this version of this great game but those who are interested can feel what it’s like to be part of squid games.

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