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It was so disappointing that the journalist was murdered the journalist take so much of risk to find the evidence no matter what happens next they just don’t care of their life and get the proofs without any fear. Manish kumar was been murdered brutally his family were in so much pain his was very upset he just couldn’t control his emotions he was out of control his father have complained FIR againt the culprits behind this and asking for justice to his son. His son’s body was found after three days manish kumar was being kidnapped 3 days before getting murdered his family complained to police about the kidnapping but the police dint take any action which resulted in a very bad outcome.Manish kumar was been getting life threats from so many days his life was in danger from so many days so his father was in tension so when Manish got missing his father did Police complain but they dint take any action on right time however his father had complained FIR against some 3 people whom he had doubt about kidnapping his son and even murdered his father is asking for justice for his son.manish family is going through very bad phasePolice found the body, which disappeared three days later by Sudershan TV reporter Manish Kumar Singh, on August 10. His body was reportedly found in the waters of Gachi Tola Chevar in the village of Matlohiar, under the Harshidhi police station in Bihar.

Manish lives in Kotwa Panchayat, Paharpur Police Station. Her father, Sanjay Singh, is an RTI activist and editor of the local newspaper Areraj Darshan. Sudarshan TV CEO Suresh Chavhanke tweeted: “Sudarshan reporter Manish Kumar is dead. Mohammed Arsad Alam has been arrested. The kidnapping took place three days ago and the Bihar police took no action after receiving a complaint about the possibility of murder and passively awaited the murder. We want justice.

Manish left home on August 8 to attend a ceremony in the village of Mat Lahoria near the Harshidi police station. Then he disappeared and the phone turned off. Later, his motorcycle was found in the village of Harsiddi. Manish is constantly threatened with life and land disputes arise. Sanjay filed a complaint with the local police station about the dispute on July 25.

After Manish disappeared, his father reported the names of 12 people to the Harshiddi Police Department, including two journalists identified as Mohammad Arsad Alam and Amarendra Singh.

During the police investigation, local residents were informed that an unidentified body had been found. The police arrived at the scene and called Sanjay Singh to confirm the body. Singh Manish saw that his shoes were swollen and paralyzed. Manish’s eyes were dug out and his face was bruised.

Police arrested Mohammad Arsad Alam and Amarendra Singh in connection with the abduction and murder of Manish using security cameras in the area. DSP Areraj Santos Kumar led the investigation and was convinced that those responsible would be punished in accordance with the law.

OpIndia has contacted Sudarshan News Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke that the channel’s official announcement will be released shortly.

After the body of journalist Manish Kumar Singh was found missing for three days, the villagers, including his family, panicked. The family’s condition is not very good. The body of journalist Manish was found in the Gachi Tola Chevar pit in the village of Mat Lohiyar, under the Harshiddi police station, east of Champaran, Bihar. The late reporter worked as a stand-alone Areraj correspondent for the Sudarshan News. The editor of the newspaper was the father of the deceased, Sanjay Singh Areraj Darshan.

The deceased was a resident of the community. In connection with this case, Sanjay Kumar Singh’s late father filed a complaint with the local police and named 13 people, including two staff reporters Amarendru Kumar and Mohamed Arshad Alam. July 25 at the local police station.

Manish’s father expressed concern that the defendants had conspired to kidnap his son and had conspired to kill him. Local police immediately responded to the incident and detained Amarendra Kumar and Mohamed Arsad Alam. This confirmed to DSP Santos Kumar Areraj that two men were arrested based on surveillance footage.

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