Taliban Afganistan Crisis – Why Taliban Won

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) successfully completed a three-day evacuation mission to rescue 192 Indians stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. An Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft, which took off with Indian officials from Kabul this morning, touched down in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon added: “The well-being of the Afghan people and our relationship with them are very important to us.

An Indian Air Force plane carrying Indian officials landed today (17 Aug) in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) successfully completed a three-day evacuation mission to rescue 192 Indians stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. “I am very pleased that the mission has been completed and I can safely return home without any unpleasant incidents,” said Rudrendra Tandon, Special Envoy for India at Jamnagar Air Force

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has taken a rebellious stance amid growing criticism of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying, “In a war in which Afghan forces cannot fight, the US military cannot fight and should not die.” to me. “

When terrifying footage of the Taliban seizing control of Kabul and trying to break out of a desperate Afghanistan emerged, many criticized the United States for plunging Afghanistan into . However, former Vice President Biden said, “Through the progress made last week, we have confirmed that it is the right decision to end US military intervention .” “If the Afghan army does not move on its own, it would be wrong to order the US military to move,”

.On Monday (August 16), India’s Foreign Ministry said the doors were open to Pakistan’s Sikh and Hindu minorities. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Arindam Bagchi said: “We are in constant contact with representatives of the Sikh and Hindu communities in Afghanistan. We will facilitate the repatriation of those who leave Afghanistan and return to India. ”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has likened control of the Taliban in Kabul to breaking the shackles of slavery. “You accept a different culture and become psychologically obedient. Remember, this is worse than real slavery. It is more difficult to break the chains of cultural slavery. What is happening now in Afghanistan is a fetter, ”he said. slavery “.

Instead, the Russian embassy in Kabul announced that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country in a car loaded with cash. I had to keep my money because I had too much money to put on the plane.
After the seizure of Kabul, China said on Monday that it was ready to build “friendly relations” with the new Afghan Taliban regime. Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government plans to send troops to Afghanistan to evacuate German Afghans and Afghans threatened by the Taliban, according to international media reports citing parliamentary sources.

Thousands of Afghans, including men fearful of a return to brutal Taliban rule, are seeking to flee the war-torn country following the fall of Kabul and other provincial capitals in Afghanistan. Over the past few years, people living in areas controlled by Islamic militants have watched with growing fear as insurgents take over much of the country.

The UN Secretary General expressed “deep concern” about the situation and called on the Taliban to show maximum restraint. Antonio Guterres says the UN remains committed to promoting peace and promoting the human rights of all Afghans.

Air India had to suspend commercial services due to conditions at the airport. But we continue to make sure that all those trapped there are somehow brought here. The IEA has already opened a relief work office. ” Afghanistan and its welfare

The Japanese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the Japanese embassy has been closed due to deteriorating security in Afghanistan and the last 12 embassy staff have left . “As the security situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating, we are temporarily closing the embassy there,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “The remaining 12 embassy staff flew from Kabul airport on military aircraft from friendly countries and evacuated to Dubai,”

Britain warned the Taliban on Tuesday not to use Afghanistan for terrorist attacks, but added that the West must work to positively influence the rebels in power after the US “Our message should not be used by Afghanistan for a terrorist attack on the West,” Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told Sky Sky. He added that the West should be pragmatic in dealing with the Taliban, try to soften the new ruler of Afghanistan

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