Texas To Allow Unlicensed Carrying Of Handguns

Unlicensed Gun Texas

Does Texas still ban the carrying of handguns in public? On May 16, 2021, the state legislature passed House Bill 1110; intending to allow individuals to carry handguns without obtaining a license. Originally proposed by Governor Rick Perry, the new bill received immediate support from the Texas House; and Senate as well as the Texas Police Association. The measure was later endorsed by the National Rifle Association and other gun lobby groups. This article is about Texas To Allow Unlicensed Carrying Of Handguns.

Texas To Allow Unlicensed Carrying Of Handguns
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Texas Proposal – Texas To Allow Unlicensed Handguns

The Texas proposal is similar to that in some states that allow the carrying of handguns without a license. In some of these states, people can already possess handguns without obtaining a license; however, they have to obtain a license before they can carry a handgun in public. Texas is no exception. Although Texas does not have any law that prohibits the carrying of handguns in public; it is recommend that you carry a handgun in your vehicle and not just to prevent crime; but also for your safety.

Carrying Handguns in Public

In the state of Texas, it is a felony to carry handguns in public. Even though the law on carrying guns in public is not as strict as in other states; it is still illegal to carry a handgun in public, without a license. There are some exceptions to this law; such as when you are on your property or in a specially designated area; while hunting or if you are a peace officer. However, in general, you should not carry a handgun if you are prohibited from doing so under the law. If you have the legal right to carry, you should always carry your handgun with you.

This Texas to allow the unlicensed carrying of handguns bill takes effect immediately. To qualify for a license, a person must apply for one. To receive the license, the person must meet several requirements, including being of legal age; have no criminal record; not have a restraining order taken out against him; and not have a closed record of domestic violence. Once he receives his license, he is responsible for maintaining it.

Texas State Rifle Association

The Texas State Rifle Association also opposed the bill. “If there is any reason to carry a weapon, it is in your defense,” the association stated in a news release. “The Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. Guns, like weapons other people may have made, are not innocent objects when falling into the wrong hands”. The Texas State Rifle Association went on to say that licensed handguns are needed for self-protection.

There are two major problems with the idea of unlicensed carrying of guns in Texas. The first problem is that, as already stated, it is against the law to carry a handgun when you aren’t licensed to do so. The second problem is that it can be difficult to get a license. Many people who want to legally carry a weapon don’t have the time, money, or inclination to go through the process. Because of these two reasons, the Texas legislature passed a bill that would allow people to carry handguns without a license if they had a valid license.

Texas To Allow Unlicensed Handguns

Every licensed Texas carry permit holder is required to take his or her weapon on a public street or highway when they leave their place of residence. A licensed Texas to allow the unlicensed carrying of handguns will not require a license to purchase a handgun, nor does a license holder have to undergo a background check. If a licensed person wishes to buy a handgun, he can apply to purchase one either at a licensed dealer’s shop or via an internet transaction. A licensed individual may also choose to make his purchase from a private party, but must provide the name and address of the seller.

Texas to allow handguns is not the only state to allow the carrying of handguns. Florida has a similar law. It is important to note, however, that in Texas to allow the carrying of handguns, only one handgun or ammunition magazine is allowed at any given time. As a result, people are advised to take extreme care when transporting handguns and only allow the same guns or ammunition that they currently own.

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