The Results Of The Iranian President Election

The Results Of The Iranian President Election

The Iranian President Election has recently approved a list of candidates for the upcoming presidential polls. The list has been approved by the supreme leader and advisers of the Islamic Revolution. The list will now be sent to the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran as part of efforts to keep hardliners from clinching a presidential election that may result in their taking control of the country. There is a high level of concern within the United States and the West over the prospect of a hardliner win of this June’s presidential polls.

The Results Of The Iranian President Election

US and UK

The Islamic Revolutionaries have widely condemned by both the US State Department and the United Kingdom’s foreign office. In fact, the UK’s ambassador to Iran has called on Iran to release all Americans who have held in Iran against their will. The US State Department issued a strongly worded travel warning to its citizens against going to or traveling to Iran. The warning says that there is a risk of subjected to violence if you visit or plan to visit Iran.

Most analysts believe that the hardliner element in Iran is gaining support because they see President Bush as an easy target. Many elements of the Iranian establishment see the US as the enemy of Islam. They view the US with a hostility, even as they accept Western ways of life. The moderates believe that economic pressure is having an effect on the way that the hardliners are acting. Economic pressure is the number one issue when it comes to the current situation in Iran. The president has said that he wants to talk to the Iranian people; but his administration has not yet done so.


One of the reasons that the moderates have not been able to gain the support of the hardliners is because the economy is in a tailspin. The charges of irregularities regarding the sale of oil and other natural resources have made the people think that the moderate leaders are not popular at all. But that is just a result of the low oil prices. The real problem lies in the country’s poor management of its economy. The people have lost trust in the ability of the government to run the country properly. In the past the Iranian president used to tell the people that he would not run a single mistake during his term.

But this was then. Today the hardliner element is running the show. The results of the last presidential polls cannot ignored. The hardliner camps are happy with the results. The moderate camp is not.

Poll Results – Iranian President Election

The poll results showed that the hardliners have quite pleased with the president’s performance; but they are not totally satisfied with his performance. Some of them believe that the moderate opposition is not working properly and they will never come to power. On the other hand there are others who believe that the president is a visionary; and he has created a new political movement in Iran – the Islamic Revolution.

No one is quite sure of what the future holds for the moderate camp in Iran. They are in the process of trying to create a social structure that can absorb the hardliner element. The fact is that the moderate opposition is now caught between a rock and a hard place. The hardliners want to stay in power and the moderate camp does not have an alternative. They believe that if they give in some of their demands the hardliner radicals will not lose their grip on the country.

Balance of Power – Iranian President Election

The results of the presidential election are not likely to change the balance of power in Iran. The hardliners are using their massive network of networks and organizations to promote their candidate. The president-elect is bound to keep his election promises to the United States. But the results of the election will still have an impact on the future course of events in Iran.

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