Tokyo Olympics: Why Doesn’t Japan Cancel the Games?

Tokyo Olympics

The recent chaos in Japan has caused many Americans to ask the question: Why won’t Japan cancel the Olympics? After all, thousands of tourists visit the country each year. Besides, the Games bring a huge influx of tourists and visitors from all over the world. The Olympic Park is one of the largest and most expensive tourist attractions in the city. Besides, the Olympic Park itself is one of the venues for some of the most popular sports competitions in the world. This article is about Tokyo Olympics: Why Doesn’t Japan Cancel the Games?

Tokyo Olympics: Why Doesn't Japan Cancel the Games?
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Why Doesn’t Japan Cancel the Games?

But why does the Japanese government still want to hold the Olympic Games? For starters, it needs money. The government can get some money from the International Olympic Committee if it cancels the games. Some economists believe the government may try to use the crisis as an excuse; in order to get rid of some of its social programs and cut down on its budget.

Now, another reason may be that the Japanese people are not behind the decision. After all, the Japanese people have never done anything that would turn out to be a disaster. The Japanese people are very conservative by nature, and they don’t like uncertainty. If the Olympics causes too much uncertainty for the Japanese people; then they may lose the opportunity to involv in such an important event. They may decide to focus on other things.

Another reason may be the Olympic organizers have never been successful in the past. Sure, the Olympic Games are popular, but there have also been many problems that caused by the organization itself. For instance, in the olden days, when organizing a sporting event, the organizers had to deal with a lot of political issues. Nowadays, things are a lot easier; but it seems that the Olympic Games have also contributed to the increase of pollution on the planet.

Athletes Safety – Tokyo Olympics

The third reason could be the safety of the athletes who intend to compete in the Olympic Games. There have been rumors that some athletes have already been careless and have been injured during the training process. If these athletes have accidents, they will not be able to compete. This is the reason why many Japanese people are angry with the decision of the organizers; because they don’t want any accidents during the competition.

Several financial issues have believed to be behind the cancellation of the Olympics. During the planning period, it was estimated that the construction cost of the games will run into several trillion dollars. This means that a great sum of money has been wasted in the entire process. Many citizens believe that this is the reason why the government decided to cancel the decision.

Allying with US – Tokyo Olympics:

Some say that canceling the Olympics is the only reason for Japan to become a strong ally of the United States. Many US citizens believe that if Japan cancels the Olympics, the US will lose its ally. If you look at the whole situation closely, it seems that the reasons given by the Japanese officials are quite logical. After all, there has been a lot of vandalism and serious damage caused by the tourists who were allowed to visit the country.


The Japanese government has tried to explain the reasons behind their decision; but most people do not see the real logic behind it. This is not the first time when the Japanese government had to cancel an Olympic event. For instance, they had to cancel the baseball tournament two years ago because of the earthquake and flood. So, it is quite natural for people to be worried; about the possibility of the same thing happening in the 2021 Olympics. The logical question is, why does Japan not want to risk such huge financial mistakes?

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