Trending hashtag as “Reject Zomato” in Twitter

Reject Zomato
Trending hashtag as "Reject Zomato" in Twitter

the hashtag reject Zomato have been started trending all over the Twitter furiously after when did it went viral Zomato customer care has been issued an apology and term the incidence as unacceptable. What what’s the tweet the resident of Tamilnadu Vikas had faith issues with his online order and

The online food delivery platform zomato have been in the receiving end of strong criticisms from the netizens when some customer shared a Twitter post where he was asked by the company executive to he don’t know hind to speak.

so the post shared by the Twitter user who is from Tamil Nadu and his name is Vikash now that tweet have gone viral with so many reactions on that and everyone is tweeting with hashtag that Hindi is the national language and

he decided to take help from the customer care executive through the chat feature in the Zomato app so shows not resolved that like us was also told that the customer care executive everybody should know Hindi and you can share some snapshots of their conversation with Executive with the person asking to speak in Hindi and also he says that it is a national language of India and everybody should know some.

So when you order food in Zomato I like I was so the customer care centre the amount won’t be refunded as because they didn’t know Hindi and then you should take lessons that being an Indian I should know Hindi India versus please lesson Indian Indian and he didn’t know that I will so Zomato not the way you talk to customers we caption.

Did Zomato respond is it did respond to the tomato have reply to Vikash and said that the situation was unacceptable and they wrote hi Vikas this is unacceptable we try to get this checked as soon as possible and please share your register for number through a private message .

Social Media on zomato – “Reject Zomato”

Zomato has been receiving backlash on the social media platform after one of its Tamilnadu customer who was asked to learn Hindi and reconnecting the language debate in the country so I made the incident the customer has passed it M Thomas today and

during the charge the food delivery executive for the company he realised they asked the customer to learn Hindi because it is our national language and Meanwhile the Zomato clarifies that the employee was terminated due to lack of respect for our diverse cultural show in the time in our major political parties including the ruling I was from Zomato a incident happened the #reject zonato trending on twitter

and this is because the food delivery in Zomato restaurant massive criticism on social media platform in the Twitter after our customers is equity as a customer from table likely to live in the national language it is Hindi to be able to Converse so the ratio elected by username you can share the screenshots of his conversation Zomato customer care if it isn’t a twitter and

then we thought was facing trouble with his order had asked to call the return for confirmation so they execute told that they were unable to get clarity physician due to the language barrier so when the customer demand and

then he said that it is available table they should I hire people who understand the language through this takes to set for your kind information hindi is our National language so it is very common that everybody should know Hindi little bit at least soon after that it was flooded with the post on accounting Zomato and the # reject Zomato trended.

So reacting to the public reactions zomato wrote that the incident was unacceptable and their replied to the Vikas for demand for public apology and then told as per our telephonic conversation your concern has been adda ressed .

The food delivery Zomato always manages to get the LimeLight and then sometimes it’s fun Banter on the Twitter while others times from its controversial to face criticism and Twitter as #reject zomato and this trended on the microblogging site and this happened. To this the Furious nitrogen have sarcastic tweet.

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