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The squid game actor expresses his feeling when he became so popular the after the series of squid the show had immense popularity and his character was phenomenal. He says in interview that it was very unexpected and he was not prepared for it. Anupam Tripathi is from New Delhi the Indian origin South Korea based actor Anupam Tripathi have now become world famous and thanks to Netflix survival squad game that he has chosen a back with animals popularity of the show Tripathi played early role on the Netflix series.

Popularity of Squid Game Actor:

The show which which now has become a global phenomenon it is about the Hunger Games it is like the competition that loves incoming people who are in that and they promised them a lots of money if they win but the consequences will be the losing of their life so it would literally means anyone who does not progress to the next level they will be dead.

Squid Game Actor Anupam father told that his popularity is been skyrock located and after the show premiered he said I still remember that are my life was just changed it became huge suddenly everyone was messaging me and it was likely and everywhere he played that character Ali because it is in the series is a poor immigrant from Pakistan who wants to enter the contest provide for his family so after his employer wishes him payment for his services

than the Squid Game Actor also revealed how he prepared for the role and he said that he was cast he did not have the correct body shapes only had to put on weight and he just did according and then he gained about 56 kilo weight that at least look like a somebody who can have power so he said the ultimate dream is to perform in India because he have done theatres in India but he wanted to do this and explore how he will do in his own language and you would love to express his feelings over there result Amit dream of Anupam Tripathi to perform in front.

The squad game actor white following the users Access on Netflix his character Ali Abdul who was an undocumented migrants worker from Pakistan so he joins the 455 other debt ridden contestant to play the game and they participate in a series of game with a sadistic twist so he tell that all his character Ali is someone who brings the human side of the migrants it’s not easy for him to survive but he keeps that Innocence and kindness and warm the life and it was hard to get the best possible him for his family and friends and not for himself so that the best thing about Ali.

Anupam further also told how he did research for his character and he even close so good how early would be and also I kept thinking what all the things that relate to the character and also a differentiated and the main focus was how he will connect to early the character including his behaviour is gestures and the language he speaks everything he followed correctly but then he says I don’t no if I have done justice to the character but I tried my best he also told that he has this acting celebrities who inspires inverse Shahrukh Khan and Irrfan Khan.

The popularity he got from this squid game Netflix series was next level he was not prepared for this he was surprised after the phenomenon hit of this series so actor Anupam Tripathi shares his feeling and tells us how he felt and how he had struggled for the role and he did all possible things to perform good and now we just want to perform in India and he wants to share his feelings through his language.

The squid gimnastic series is very different from every film till now it is something different something you something which is not been happened yet in any of the the Hollywood. The scenes of each game is so phenomenon nominal and outstanding the story line is brilliant the actors are so good and the performance and the characters are so interesting I need to become so trending all over the world each and every person is just talking about this game.

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