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Udaariyan serial is been trending now the fan following this cast is great. The story is also very nice it’s about a triangle love story it has started with the story which revolves around the individual the two girls and one boy with Teju cause and Jasmine Kaur the both are sisters and then comes the entry of Hero Fateh Singh Virk then they joined.

Story line of Udaariyan:

as soon as sisters in Udaariyan: with a different personality but Jasmine is little Babli college student who dreams of marrying a guy who lives in Canada and selling their only while Tejo is a College professor and she wants to stay in her hometown of self and fulfil her dreams their only so what is the son of a politician and he is a good dog show and he runs the boxing Academy in his hometown and then he is madly in love with Jasmine and only rings of marrying her in pending his entire life with her. Fateh wants to marry Jasmine he wants to win his love and marry her then Tejo comes to know about this

so she goes to Fateh and tells him that stop loving Jasmine because as milk would not marry you because she wants to marry someone we settled in Canada utilising this forget heartbroken and then he been searching for a job in Canada so then he finds a job and then Jasmine and take it closer the families find out about their fair and at first they are against and then their online Jasmine Mars and Earth also against that a moving to Canada with her

but eventually in Udaariyan forte convince his father as he deeply loves Jasmine so after that the age of marriage his face with a guy name Jas who is settled in Canada and after the wedding guest runs away and it is revealed that it is a fraud and have done this with multiple families and ran away after the wedding take to get shattered by this. Then the story it is the major turn when on the day of the married Jasmine leaves for Tender Wizard Tumhari him in front of everyone and in the wedding hall

after knowing the truth that he gets hard broken then Tejo tries to convince Jasmine to return to the marriage hall and Mary for a day or else they would have to marry him but Jasmine did not listen to anyone for the sake of family reputation and there you have to get married on the pressure from their respective families to get more difficult when Jasmine realise that she wants Fateh back in her life and plays her Evil tactics to get along with Fateh she tells bad about Tejo to Fateh but fateh tries to forget Jasmin and move on from her

so then later they both and start spending time for each other meanwhile Jasmine family meets a guy name Gippy who is settle in Canada and then Jasmine agrees to marry him only to make Fateh feel jealous seeing her with another guy and her plans sucseeds for fateh feel jealous seeing Jasmine with someone else so later Jasmin confesses her love to fateh by burning her passport to prove her love for him which was later revealed that it was her father’s passport .

so then he starts ignoring Tejo he starts cheating and tells lies to her again and again for meeting Jasmine they both meet again and again and privately secretly and then tejo starts noticing everything behave his behaviour changes then Teju gets shattered after finding out the truth. Then she reveals the truth to her family and then she leaves the house for the families get upset

and shorter for this was extremely marriage the day the trial court stop forward feels as if you said that there is nothing like a hole in the ground then father’s father asked to leave the house with Jasmine go away with their return as dedication attack so they Geography study was there she has no feelings for him anymore and she doesn’t want to visit someone who has treated on her then they’ll go to Court with families for further formalities of the court.

The judge in Udaariyan asks them the reason behind this divorce and then she says there’s no love between us and they both can’t carry it feeling so we gonna carry for this relationship anymore but she didn’t tell the judge that he had cheated on her after listening all these the judge decides and tells that they both need to spend some more time with each other and to clear the misunderstanding if that doesn’t happen then they can proceed with the divorce.

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