UN Nuclear Watchdog Concerned Over Undeclared Iran Sites

UN Nuclear Watchdog Concerned Over Undeclared Iran Sites

UN nuclear watchdog 'concerned' over undeclared Iran sites
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There are two things for sure here. The UN and European Union would have to go back to the drawing boards. If the Iranian regime does not stop its uranium enrichment program. the world powers are engaged in talks in Vienna. To rescue the nuclear deal after the former US president walked away from it. In 2021 and reimposed crippling sanctions on Tehran.

Why is the UN Nuclear Watchdog concerned over undeclared Iran sites? Well, it is very worrying as this is a clear indication. That Iran is up to no good and must be stopped. It is also worrying, as there seems to be no end in sight. The world powers are very anxious as they have put off implementing their threat. To use force if Iran does not comply with its international obligations.

The report was by UN Nuclear Watchdog

The report was by the UN Nuclear. Watchdog Mtoe on Monday. On its website, it said that since the publication of the report. “A considerable volume of erroneous information regarding the provisions of the Iran deal has been circulating in the media. And the market as well as on the Internet.”. It went on to state, “A significant volume of inaccurate information. Regarding the provisions of the Iran deal has been circulating. In the media and the market as well as on the internet.” This is a rather accurate assessment. one must not be surprised. When we find out that exactly what the report refers to as inaccurate information is completely wrong.

What the UN Watchdog meant was that since the reports. Since the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Iran. Stating that it was not fulfilling its end of the bargain to stop enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. The UN Watchdog did not say that Iran was not fulfilling its end of the bargain. It was referring to Iran’s decision to temporarily halt enrichment. Iran had agreed to the suspension. Only after the UN sanctions were imposed and then extended for six months. Iran had no choice but to implement the temporary agreement as it faced the prospect of tougher sanctions later on.

The UN Watchdog

The UN Watchdog did not say that Iran had a nuclear weapon program. Or that it was planning to build one. It did say that since the UN nuclear deal was implemented. There has been “unreported, hidden and double-edged”. Behavior by Iran, which “puts the peace and security of the world in jeopardy”. In other words, the report was saying that since the nuclear deal was implemented. And Iran continues to be engaged in dialogue with the six powers. Leading to increased tensions. Iran has not been fully transparent in its actions and therefore the UN should be very concerned. Is Iran planning to test fly a stealth aircraft? How about a potential long-range missile test?

This is a typical example of how the typical agencies. Who are the UN Monitoring teams in the UN are reacting to the new US administration’s Iran policy. In the past, these agencies have always stated. That there has been no documented Iran activity involving nuclear weapons. Or delivery of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist organizations. However, this report raises questions that are yet to be answered.

Nuclear weapons research

The fact that the IAEA and UN said that Iran had not conducted any nuclear weapons research or manufacturing. And that the only undeclared facility was at the Natanz nuclear facility. This is hardly an indication that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons capabilities. Further, the IAEA has stated that Iran is in compliance. With all its Additional Protocols and that it will take action. If Iran is determined to be engaged in activities that violate the Nonproliferation regime. So according to the latest reports both the IAEA and UN are doing exactly what they said. They would do and yet the question is how serious is Iran actually. To comply with the latest IAEA limitations and the latest UN restrictions on its nuclear program?

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If Iran is serious about fulfilling its part in the Non-Proliferation pact. Why does it continue to defy Security Council Resolutions? Renege on its promises, and continue developing centrifuges and enriching Uranium at an ever-increasing rate? If Iran is truly serious about fulfilling its part in the Non-Proliferation pact. Why are we still waiting for a second inspection of the uranium facility at Natanz?

Peaceful world power

If Iran is serious about becoming a peaceful world power. Then it must stop enriching Uranium and start providing a better quality enriched version of the fuel it currently uses. However, we must also keep in mind that Iran is playing host to International terrorist groups. And other rogue regimes that have been proliferating nuclear arms and weapons technology for decades in the past. Therefore, Iran has yet to prove whether or not it would need to return. To the negotiation table anytime soon. And therefore we as nations must continue to be very skeptical. Until Iran proves its intentions and commits to honoring its international nonproliferation obligations.

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