What is Corona Virus and how this disease is affecting India?

Corona Virus in India

Corona Virus are viruses that envelop any cells within the body. A particular virus affects the nerve cells in the brain which causes the corona, a protective bubble that surrounds the photoreceptors in the eye (there are about 35 types of photoreceptors). When a corona is present, light refracts around the eyes and this can be a cause of vision problems for some people. The corona Virus is responsible for most cases of night blindness in humans.

What is Corona Virus and how this disease is affecting India?

First Stage of Corona Virus

The first stage of the Corona Virus in India is yellow, progressing to a red color as it travels around the corona. The virus generally attacks people over the age of fifty, but sometimes it also affects younger people. Corona Virus in India has been shown to show a high prevalence in people of Indian origin. It is most common in people from the southern part of India, particularly Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. There are some cases from West Bengal and other states of India as well.

Second Stage of Corona Virus

The second stage of the Corona Virus in India is generally pale in color, which gradually turns into black with time. A corona is a narrow prominence, sometimes there being thicker edges than the corona surrounding the photoreceptors. The edges of the corona may become jagged. People who are carrying the infection are not necessarily blind, but their eyes will often appear to move when they look at something bright, such as a light bulb. People suffering from the Corona Virus in India generally experience symptoms during the day, although they may manifest after exposure to the sun.

Eye Infections

Eye infections caused by a Corona Virus in India, usually diagnosed based on clinical symptoms. A visual examination required for this purpose. People may presented with several tests; however, conclusive diagnosis can only established by microscopic examination of the corona. However, even with a conclusive diagnosis, there are chances that corona may produced artificially. Therefore, it is important to take all precautions to avoid complications.

Eye doctors use optical techniques like spectroscopy, optical fluorescence, refraction, and coherence tomography to determine the presence of corona. Different types of corona exist, with each different from the other. The most common type is the ‘hemorrhagic’ corona. This is a bright red corona, which may also cause itching, pain, and discomfort. People suffering from corona can often treated with prescription drugs.

Second Cysts

The second, ‘cysts’ corona look like pus coming out from the side of the eye. They are quite common and caused by the same virus that causes the corona. They can also be difficult to detect, as they are quite soft and move around easily. Some people with cysts corona may experience pain and light sensitivity. Cysts corona are not dangerous but their presence on the cornea is an indication that one has Corona Virus inside the eye.


‘Chiopsia’ is another common type of corona symptom. It can identified by dark spots that appear on the cornea and can confused with blood clots. These spots are red, pink, or dark blue and often observed while treating corneal ulcers. Chiopsia can occur in both children and adults. As the name suggests, this is a disease that mainly affects the young, as it can detected through its redness and bleeding.

Corona Virus Symptoms

Other corona symptoms include halos, glare, distortion of vision, light, and shadow. Some other symptoms that cannot recognized include pain or tenderness near the corona, swollen eyelids, and inflammation. People suffering from the Corona Virus may also experience night blindness.

Coronas can also cause irritation and inflammation of the eye itself. They may cause redness, warmth, itching, swelling, and possible infection of the conjunctiva. This can result in temporary blindness. The corona also generates a ‘halo’ effect around the outer edges of the iris. Again, this effect cannot be detected using conventional methods.

Migraine Headaches

There is a likelihood of a correlation between corona discharge and migraine headaches. It is believed that the corona and its emissions increase the excitation of blood vessels near the eye. It has also been observed that the eyes of people suffering from corona discharge tend to look dry and red. In addition, the eye area around the corona has been found to show a loss of hemoglobin.


There is a lack of awareness about the corona and its symptoms. This is why there is a high occurrence of people misdiagnosing the symptoms associated with corona discharge as the presence of a migraine headache. You should not ignore any type of symptoms that you feel in your eyes. If you have a visual disturbance that does not disappear after 15 minutes, do not delay in seeking medical attention. Only a qualified physician can confirm the presence of the Corona Virus in the cornea. Once confirmed, treatment can be decided upon.

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